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Men In Black 3- Movie Review

MIB 3 looks fresh and fun that it feels like we recently watched its prequels. Here is the review of Men in Black 3 Continue reading

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Rockstar Music Review- Rahman’s & Mohit’s masterpiece

The music of Rockstar is like a journey. Every songs takes the journey ahead. Every song is an experiment and I shall say an experiment very well done. A R Rahman sets a benchmark, sets a standard for others. Besides Rahman, this is Mohit Chauhan’s album. Mohit shows what he is capable of. Each song has a variation and Mohit Chauhan adapts to each variation marvelously. Rockstar has everything. From Rock to Indian traditional to romantic to Bollywood to international music with Punjabi, Sufi and Indian flavours. A R Rahman will leave you spell bound with this. The album is not the usual Rahman but still typical Rahman. You need to own this album for sure. Continue reading