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Skyfall- The Best Bond yet?

Skyfall is not a typical Bond film as a lot of loyalist wanted but Skyfall shows a new way to reboot Bond. The movie isn’t without its faults. There are a couple of slow moments that drag but then they don’t affect the film. Skyfall works towards a thematic, storytelling-driven goal. Skyfall is a must-see for both modern and classic action fans. From momentous occasions to push it forward to those big classic moments that make you cheer, Skyfall is the Bond of the future – and the past. Continue reading

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Man of Steel teasers

The upcoming Zack Snyder (and co-writer/producer Christopher Nolan) Superman reboot has released TWO official trailers today. The spots are essentially the same, but feature different voice-overs: one from Superman’s real father Jor-El (played by Russell Crowe) and another by his adoptive farmer father Pa Kent (played by Kevin Costner). Storyline- A child sent to Earth from … Continue reading

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Inception- Nolan’s Best..Is It????

Inception is a movie which you will like to watch many more times and as you watch it more and go under the layers, more you will question things and more you will enjoy. Whether the movie is in limbo or a dream, it will take you there with it and will keep you involved until you find that you are in somebody’s reality. Inception is a mental experience and at the end of it you will come awestruck for sure thinking what just happened. Continue reading