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127 Hours- Movie Review – Brilliance

127 hours is a thriller which shows the pain, both physically and mentally of a trapped man. Danny Boyle shows why he is the master of genres with brilliant story plot, screenplay, editing and story telling. The movie is visually quite compelling which is one of the strong parts of the movie. James Franco’s performance is commanding and convincing which puts up in the list of front runners for Oscar’s. The movie and the performance will keep you gripped, make you take a deep breathe, a sigh of relief and yeah not move at all. A must watch for the year after The Social Network. Continue reading

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The Doors Movie- A Masterpiece – Movie Review

The Doors- movie talks about rise and early fall of the great Jim Morrison. And I can now say I can’t recall a film that evokes the era of drugs, sex, rock n roll more potently than this. Directed by Oliver Stone starring Val Kilmer as Morrison & Meg Ryan as his companion, The Doors goes ahead than the time of drugs and sex to Morrision thinking about death and life. Continue reading

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The Social Network – Movie Review

In short The Social Network is about a geek who creates a website and finds out what greed and ambition can do. The film is very well edited and keeps on cutting back and forth between locations and timelines to keep you glued. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and Director David Fincher team up to create an engrossing story about a struggle of a geek to be known and belong to people. The movie is one heck of an entertainment. Continue reading