Ramleela & Ugly Trailers

Here’s theatrical trailer of ‘Ramleela’ featuring Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone in the lead roles.  The film is produced by Kishore Lulla & Sanjay Leela Bhansali & is all set to release in theaters on 15th November, 2013.  Movie is bollywood’s adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo And Juliet, imagined in the backdrop of the dacoit heartlands of Chambal. … Continue reading

Django Unchained- Movie Review- Brutal but not QT’s best
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Django Unchained- Movie Review- Brutal but not QT’s best

Whatever Tarantino does will attract attention. And so it does. With Django Unchained, QT delivers another brutal movie to enjoy. Full of QT’s typical styles or clichés. Witty dialogues, excessive profanity, excessively brutal violence, good music, good character driven plot and totally Western. The way everything is woven together is just perfect. The best aspect of the movie is that Django still uses Tarantino’s trademark tension and anticipation to its fullest extent. Continue reading

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Skyfall- The Best Bond yet?

Skyfall is not a typical Bond film as a lot of loyalist wanted but Skyfall shows a new way to reboot Bond. The movie isn’t without its faults. There are a couple of slow moments that drag but then they don’t affect the film. Skyfall works towards a thematic, storytelling-driven goal. Skyfall is a must-see for both modern and classic action fans. From momentous occasions to push it forward to those big classic moments that make you cheer, Skyfall is the Bond of the future – and the past. Continue reading