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127 Hours- Movie Review – Brilliance

127 hours is a thriller which shows the pain, both physically and mentally of a trapped man. Danny Boyle shows why he is the master of genres with brilliant story plot, screenplay, editing and story telling. The movie is visually quite compelling which is one of the strong parts of the movie. James Franco’s performance is commanding and convincing which puts up in the list of front runners for Oscar’s. The movie and the performance will keep you gripped, make you take a deep breathe, a sigh of relief and yeah not move at all. A must watch for the year after The Social Network. Continue reading


India & Oscar- Always about Stars & Indian Poverty???

So Peepli Live is the Indian’s official Oscar nomination but now again as always it makes me question if it’s the right choice. This is not new that every time a movie is nominated for Oscar there are questions, but I feel these question are valid. Why not movies with less star power gets nominated. But I feel there were other god films also running for the same position. Continue reading

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The Hurt Locker- Movie Review

he Hurt Locker puts you inside the mindset of these soldiers who are just doing their job, concentrating on surviving another day. One of the best modern war movies. And don’t be surprised if Kathryn Bigelow wins the best director or The Hurt locker wins best movie Academy Award. So if you are not a war movie fan then watch this. And if you are then you will love this. Continue reading