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Rockstar Music Review- Rahman’s & Mohit’s masterpiece

Rockstar has been one of the most awaited movie of the year. I was most interested to see what kind of music and magic  A R Rahman creates for this one. And I am proud to say he doesn’t disappoint. Imtiaz Ali also raised expectations because of good music in his past two movies and I think his movie delivers it again.

The USP of the album besides A R Rahman’s music is Mohit Chauhan. The way he has been used in each and every song is brilliant and the way he has delivered is also good.  It starts with Mohit Chauhan featuring Phir se ud chala. An inspring song, which sounds very fresh and will just sweep you off your feet. Written by Irshad Kamil, the song is quite good in its lyrics part too but Rahman’s music and Mohit’s voice just croons it brilliantly. A classic Mohit Chauhan song.

Next in is Katiya Karun. Harshdeep Kaur is just perfect for this number. Quite Earthy, quite rocking  with some interesting lyrics.  A fun  song with the tinga linga ling to catch some attention for sure along with the earthy flavor.  Saadda Haq is going to be the next anthem of the country. A Rock song by all means. Now this is a change from Mohit’s crooning voice is Phir Udd Chala to Mohit’s rockstar voice. Rebellious lyrics with some Attitude filled singing  with some brilliant use of guitar and vocals. This is the winner of a track and gonna be a chartbuster for sure. Sadda Haq aithe rakh is a song for many seasons and will make you listen again and again.

Just like the first song  Jo Bhi Main starts off again slowly with Mohit Chauhan and then catches a rock feel that also of a live  concert performance. The guitar is splendidly used in the interludes . And l lines like “Jo bhi main kehna chahoon, barbaad karen alfaaz mere …. Yeah yeah… yeah yeah yeah” are used brilliantly. Another winner of a track.  Kun Faya Kun, is Rahman’s tribute to god and sufi music. Sung by A R Rahman, Javed Ali and Mohit Chauhan, Iwould call this one a sufi rock number. Some call it brilliant, some call it genius, I would say its a masterpiece  from another world.

This album has everthing. From a a rock number to a desi track to a sufi track to now a typical Bollywood number with Sheher Main.Sung by Karthik & Mohit , the song is about the lead star learning to sing. A different arrangement all together where Karthik does the teaching part and Mohit learns. One can see the difference in voices here beautifully. Hawa Hawa is  an experimental number with fusion of  various international music. Mohit keeps the experimentation process in his singing while Rahman keeps it is the arrangement and music and together they deliver a number worth a listen.  Now comes the other Rock track –Aur Ho. A song which starts off on a low pitch begins with Alma Ferovic’s voice turns into a high pitch rock number with Mohit going in the Rockstar mode again. Look for the old Rahman touch to it.  Kavita Subramanium sings  Tum Ko. A light Indian-Western fusion number with some haunting melody. Rahman experiment continues with  Naadan Parindey. Another rock number Rahman style. Full of Guitar, drums, high burst and high pitch vocals Mohit style.

Wait it’s not over yet. We need a Romantic number too. Here comes Mohit Chauhan & Suzanne D’mello’s with Tum Ho . It starts off crooning the theme melody of Rockstar. The song is based on the same lines of Tum Ko but in different style all together.  The Album has three instrumental tracks- Tango for Taj, the Dichotomy of Fame, The Meeting Place. Listen to these three and it will tell you about the Genius of A R Rahman.  Tango for Taj is a three minute instrumental typical Tango track which will make you put your dancing shoes on. Dichtomy of Fame is based on Shehnai and guitars & The Meeting Place, is rendition of a single sentence by Ranbir, based on Rumi’s poem.

The music of Rockstar is like a journey. Every songs takes the journey ahead. Every song is an experiment and I shall say an experiment very well done.  A R Rahman sets a benchmark.Sets a standard for others.  Besides Rahman, this is Mohit Chauhan’s album and he kills in this. Mohit shows what he is capable of. Each song has a variation and Mohit Chauhan adapts to each variation marvelously. Rockstar has everything. From Rock to Indian traditional to romantic to Bollywood to international music with Punjabi, Sufi and Indian flavours. A R Rahman will leave you spell bound with this. The album is not the usual Rahman but still tSufiypical Rahman.  You need to own this album for sure.

Rating– 4.5 out of 5

9 thoughts on “Rockstar Music Review- Rahman’s & Mohit’s masterpiece

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  3. awesome tracks….not the rahman’s best(coz we expect still more better after every great music by him)…..BUT DEFINITELY THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2011…………….GO GET A CD AND GET YOURSELF IMMERSED IN THE MAESTRO …….MASTERPIECE…..

  4. If u know what music is and how a musician turn the lyrics into dreamy melodies-listen to ROCKSTAR. From phir se udd chala to the meeting place it sweeps u off ur feet and again caress u to listen silently.
    Album, music and background score of the year.
    Nadan parindey, jo bhi main,tum ho,kun fayakun and instrumentals are my favourite.

  5. What to say or comment about ARRs album Rockstar. If music is the religion, then ARR will be the god.

    This music is smashing. From the title every one must thought of that ARR will deliver some rock music. ARR has composed the music with a blend of indian, international music with a treat of instrumentals and mohit magical voice. Sada haq, tango taj and other trackes takes us to some where away from the world. Thanks to Rockstar team for this astonishing music.

    With Rockstar effect

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