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LUDO, first short film to release through WHATSAPP

ludoLUDO, a short film that aims to break the stereotypical mindset towards women of today, is all set to break the traditional distribution channel. The film slated to release through Whatsapp on Friday, 29th May 2015, making it the first  micro movie to ever release through this new age medium. One can Type “LUDO” and whatsapp it to “9619064477” to download the short film.

LUDO is presented by Colour Bar Entertainment in association with Spotlight. The film written and directed by my dear friend Faraz Ali is based on a conversation between two cab drivers over a game of LUDO. Sharib Hashmi, renowned actor of the Nation Award winning movie Filmistaan, plays the protagonist who engages his fellow taxi driver, played by Bhushan Vikas, in a titillating tale of a night drive with a female passenger.

Much like the board game, the film LUDO draws its parallel from the crux of the game itself. As the dice rolls, a taxi driver unfolds the happenings of a thrilling night drive with a lady passenger, while his LUDO partner is on tenterhooks. The film gently maneuvers through a sensitive subject bringing to focus two different perspectives. The dice is rolled and a choice appears – which token will you move to be in a safer haven?

Actor Sharib Hashmi says, “Prior to working in movies, I’ve worked with the team of Colour Bar Entertainment on their first short film ‘Mehrooni’. I received a lot of acclaim for ‘Mehrooni’, till date it remains a cherished film.  When Faraz Ali narrated the script of LUDO, I was hooked. LUDO has substance. The film attempts to bring about a change in mindsets towards women.”

Faraz Ali, Writer &Director of LUDO shares, “One cannot ignore the variety of content being consumed through pocket devices. Browsing happens parallelly across platforms. Hence, we identified Whatsapp as a habituated and quick medium for distributing our micro film. LUDO is our attempt to discuss safety of women and other stereotype. With LUDO our aim is to keep the dialogue going.”

Apart from the movie reaching an audience through Whatsapp, the production house has tied-up with cab agencies in Mumbai to screen the film for drivers. The distribution and promotion of LUDO will happen in a phased manner across multiple cities such as Delhi, Bengaluru, and Kolkata through cab associations.

Abbas Syed, Producer of LUDO says, “We lead complicated lives and Colour Bar Entertainment’s endeavour is to rekindle the small nuances of life. Each of our films has a simply story. Given what our nation is going through, LUDO was a story waiting to be told. It is a simple thought that goes a long way.”

Additionally, to engage with the audience, various social support groups/individuals will drive a campaign that will motivate people to share their ‘heroic story’. The campaign will focus on drivers who have been good Samaritans.

Written & Directed by: Faraz Ali

Produced by: Abbas Syed & Imtiyaz Shaikh

Production house: Colour Bar Entertainment

Co-producers: Imtiyaz Khan & Vishal Gala (Spotlight)

DOP: Neeraj Tewari

Additional Photography: Faraz Khan

Cast: Sharib Hashmi & Bhushan Vikas

Supporting cast: Mukesh Agrohari & Divya Krishnan

About Colour Bar Entertainment:

Colour Bar Entertainment is a creative consultancy specializing in short audio visual concepts and content for the digital medium. It is formed by Faraz Ali, Abbas Syed and Imtiyaz Shaikh with the aim of bringing to the world stories that tug at your heart strings and provoke you to think.

Till date two short films – ‘Mehrooni’ and ‘Makhmal’ have been released under the banner. The movies are most often common stories told in an extraordinary manner that simplify human emotions. Both film were written and directed by Faraz Ali.

‘Mehrooni’ released in 2011 featured Sharib Hashmi and Kristine Zedek. The music of the film was by Arijit Datta and the title song was sung by Rekha Bhardwaj. The story is that of a maroon sweater knitted by a couple’s loving moments in Mumbai’s bustling local trains. The film screened during the 13th Mumbai Film Festival has received much acclaim and here is it’s review we covered.

‘Makhmal’ was made in 2014 starring Jackie Shroff as the protagonist. ‘Makhmal’ is a story of a piece of velvet that binds a father to his daughter, played by Palak Dey, amid harshness of a family disagreement. ‘Makhmal’s’ music is given by Sagar Kapoor and the song is sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali. The movie was part of the Official Selection for the 2014 30UNDER30 Film Festival, New York City, the 2015 Jaipur International Film Festival and the Bangalore International Short Film Festival 2014


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