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Men In Black 3- Movie Review

Its just 10 years since the last installment of Men in Black came. It doesn’t seem that long though.  MIB 3 looks fresh and fun that it feels like we recently watched its prequels. And throughout the series we have seen the Agent J (Will Smith) & Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) bond, grow and fight aliens together. Though to me Will Smith looks like he is still in the groove.

So this time around the men in black have to catch the extra-terrestrial serial killer Boris the Animal (Jemaine Clement) who escapes from his maximum security prison on the moon and travels back in time to kill K. Nobody else but J remembers K’s existence. It’s up to him not to venture through time and look for a young K (now played by Josh Brolin) and stop Boris from destroying the world and save K.

Can history be rewritten and K be saved?  Emma Thompson joins the task force as O, (Alice Eve plays her younger self). But amongst everything one will hardly notice them.  The script by Etan Cohen  is fun riffing the ’60s. The casting of Flight of the Conchords‘ Clement as Boris is good. He delivers a good performance but I expected a better stronger villian.  The 1969 segment features the requisite encounters with the era’s racism and hippie culture, but Smith’s boyish charm keeps the screen light-hearted. The movie also  incorporates a couple of big moments from 1969 (The Factory, the Mets World Series upset, the moon landing) into the plot. Also excellent is Michael Stuhlbarg (Hugo) as Griff who knows all the possible scenarios for what happens next, depending on what happens now. His scenes with J and K are the film’s highlights.

Directly Barry Sonnenfeld seems to find his groove once again with the movie. Josh Brolin impersonates Jones in the role of a younger K brilliantly. Brolin sounds and acts exactly  like Jones here. His expressions, mannerisms and delivery are identical. Rick Baker does terrific work on all of the alien creatures here. Overall MIB 3 is fun and Sonnenfeld tells his story in an easy 103 minutes. Even better rite! There is a twist in the tale but I don’t want Spoilers here. The attempt at character development impresses me the most, the need to go deeper, even back in time, to develop character was fun. In a nutshell the third installment is fun and as good as the first. A welcome comeback of the series after the disastrous second sequel. Watch this one for Brolin, Smith and a small cameo by Nicole with a cake. 1969  was indeed a good year for MIB and reminded time travel is fun.

I like the overall look and feel of the film. Go watch it without high expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

Rating- 3 out of 5


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