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Shomshuklla Das’ award-winning debut feature film, ‘Sandcastle’ all set for India

Shomshuklla Das’ award-winning debut feature film, ‘Sandcastle’, is all set to open in theatres in India. The film has already been celebrated internationally with numerous nominations at the Tenerife, London and Madrid International Film Festivals.

Sandcastle Movie

Sandcastle Movie

Sandcastle, which tells the story of a woman trying to find her identity in modern India, was made on a shoe-string budget. However, it managed to make a mark globally, even bagging the Best Cinematography Award (Ritam Banerjee) at the Tenerife International Film Festival 2013 in London.

Sandcastle is about an urban, upper-middle class Indian woman’s search for her own individuality… it explores the tussle between conforming to the conventional roles assigned by society and the urge to break away from these norms and find your own voice, pursue your own dreams and carve your own identity.
Sandcastle is the story of Sheila, a doting wife, loving mother, and dutiful daughter. Her life from the outside, looks perfect. She has a successful husband who works in advertising, an adorable daughter Iti, and a loving family. But in all of this, what really is hers? Has the quest of this perfect, planned life, left her longing. What does she long for? Her own identity, her own purpose. But who, who can she turn to, to guide her. Will she have to break all she has built in order to forge her own path? But is it all so very black and white. Sandcastle, asks these questions, and many more, as Sheila, sees her life, her experiences, through another’s eyes. This is the journey of Sheila, breaking out of a cocoon, into a beautiful butterfly.
Sandcastle has been directed by a debutant female filmmaker, Shomshuklla. Shomshuklla herself is no stranger to the arc lights and the arts. Juggling multiple roles, just like her protagonist, Sheila, Shomshuklla is a consummate creative professional, who began a career in music as a pop singer, and moved to writing poetry, as a published author, then to theatre, with her theatre company, Kali Theatre since 2008, and now finally as an award winning film-maker, with her debut feature film, Sandcastle.
The film features the wonderful Shahana Chatterjee (you may have seen her in Lovesongs),  Malvika Jethwani, Rajat SharmaIti Pawar &  Uditvanu Das.
As Sandcastle gears up for it’s release across 7 cities in India at PVR Cinemas on 14th March. Here is the first look and trailer of the film-


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