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Dedh Ishqiya Movie Review: old world charm with a new world twist

dedh Ishqiya

Khalujaan and Babban go one step ahead in this movie filled with some beautiful dialogues, good story and even prettier Huma Qureshi and Madhuri Dixit. The movie has the old world charm with a new world Twist.  The movie is smarter, funnier and way more gorgeous than its prequel.

Set in the world of ada, tehzeeb and filled with Urdu shayari around Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Abhishek Chaubey has taken very smart reference from Ismat Chughtai’s Lihaaf- the short story about Begum Jaan and Rabbu which twisted elegantly. Dedh Ishqiya is cleverly written and brilliantly executed.  As the dialogues say – Ishq ke saat mukaam hote hain – dilkash, uns, mohabbat, akeedat, ibaadat aur junoon..and Arshad Warsi completes the seventh with Chutiyapa.

The film’s crackling humor and its dialogues are its biggest strength. Cinematography is good and  Editing is crisp. The whole nawaby feel is mounted very well on the screen.  Music is already spell-bounding, with my favourite Humri Atariya pe already an ear-worm.

The main attraction of the movie is  Madhuri Dixit who plays the role of Begum Para. She proves that she still remains THE BEST actress. Her enchanting ada, her captivating dance  and her mischievous glance casts a magic on the audience.  Naseeruddin Shah is as exceptional and equally competent playing Khaalujaan. His moments with Madhuri outshines everything else.  The dialogues like-

Para Jaan (Madhuri Dixit): Aapko pehle kahin dekha hai
Khaalu Jaan (Naseeruddin Shah): Yaad aaye kahan toh itilla zaroor kijiyega, hum bhi dhoond rahein hain kab se apne aap ko
Rest of the performances has been tantalizing. Arshad Warsi shows his versatility all over again and Huma enchanted us with her raw sexiness and attitude of Munira.Vijay Raaz plays his role of MLA in his impressive own imposing style. The chemistry between the characters is worth watching.
Dedh Ishqiya is filled with many delights. If you love the rustic Urdu loving bygone era, then Dedh Ishqiya is a must watch. The movie is a delight to watch and to hear. And if you are not fan of all that then just go for Madhuri. She will tease you, entertain you but won’t reveal everything. And yes sit back for the Madhuri Dance during the credits.
Rating 4 out of 5

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