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Go Goa Gone- Movie Review- Total Madness

Go Goa Gone

Go Goa Gone

Horror and comedy are  two diverse genres. We mix it when we watch it together, but no one tried it earlier. Raj & DK (Shor in the city & 99) linked these two genres very smartly in Go Goa Gone. With a very simple story line, and no unwanted plot twists GO GOA GONE is a laughter riot.  The movie catches your attention from the very first scene and then the ride begins.

The Zom-Com revolving round three friends & their frustration with the boring life. They decided to go to Goa and have some fun. The group gets stranded on an isolated island where they went for a rave party but now the area is infested with zombies. Hardik (Kunal Khemu) and Luv (Vir Das) tag along with their roommate, Bunny (Anand Tiwari). Luna (Puja Gupta) leads them to a rave party organized by Russian drug mafia on an island. As the quartet is attacked by these zombies on the island, Boris (Saif Ali Khan) comes to their rescue as the drug-lord cum zombie hunter and then the survival madness begins.

The movie starts with a tribute to zombies with the  90s song of Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi replicating Michael Jackson’s legendary Thriller.  The film is a 2 hour laughter marathon.  Film follows a very linear storyline and that’s wherein its beauty lies. The language or dialogues are more day-to-day not going over the top and situations are really funny. The makeup done for Zombies is quite fantastic and the way they are created is surely creepy. The editing is superb but the movie slows down in the second half. The ending might be predictable for those who have watched a lot of similar Hollywood movies, but that didn’t stopped me from loving the movie.

All characters did a good job. Only zombies looked like they were over the top THAN Saif Ali Khan. Kunal Khemu as the is spontaneous & spot on with his comic timing. Vir Das is himself with his funny best.  Anand Tiwari brings innocence to the script. The scenes come alive with the hilarious and sometime outrageous dialogues. Sachin-Jigar’s music sets the mood with “Khoon Chus le” already become anthem for Monday mornings.”Babaji ki Booty” and “Slowly Slowly” is another brilliant fun number. Oh yes, in the end the movie has a social message too.

Overall, Go Goa Gone is a laugh riot. An absolute delight and complete entertainment with expletive words, gore, wicked jokes and sexual references all over.  Don’t think much,Go watch it and die laughing.

Rating-4 out of 5 – Just for entertainement


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