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Life of Pi- Movie Review- Magical 3D but weak story

Life of Pi

One of the most awaited movie of the year is here. Ang Lee’s Life of Pi.Lee  wonderfully recreated Yann Martel’s best-selling and award-winning novel into a visual appealing and mesmerizing movie. The movie termed to be the “Next Avatar” lived up to its hype or not, but visually it did create an effect on people. The complete movie is in 3D or I should say in a certain depth throughout the film.

Told in flashback by adult Pi Patel (played as an adult by Irrfan Khan and as a teen by Suraj Sharma) to an acquittance who is going to write a book. What follows is a lengthy  flashback, offering Pi’s incredible tale of his travel from India to Canada as a teen with a shipload of zoo animal. He gets  shipwrecked and end up wound on a lifeboat, his only companion an adult male Bengal tiger. Adrift in the Pacific Ocean, without water or food, Pi must figure out how to keep the tiger at bay and survive.

Cinematographer Claudio Miranda captures the colours, events mesmerizingly crafting a stunning world. Be it the glowing ocean or the flying fishes, dolphins, Lee & Miranda create absolute magic. Sea life bursts into being with vivid, dreamlike and occasionally luminous detail while the boat’s non-human occupants feel like truly dimensional creatures. Even the animals especially the Tiger has been created brillaintly by half CGI and half in real.  The digital rendering of animals, especially the Bengal Tiger, is beautiful to behold. The opening scene in Pi’s family zoo could be right out of Terence Malick’s visionary camera, a montage of nature gorgeous in its simplicity. Suraj Sharma gives a good performance along with Irrfan Khan and the Tiger ofcourse.

The problem with the Life of Pi is it starts too soon and ends too late. Too much information  make audiences question everything they witnessed prior. After a point I feel movie gets draggy and inconsistent plagued with questionable exaggerations. But the visuals make up for it.

Overall Life of Pi is a beautiful movie with simplistic view on faith, long and lost theme and narrative but stunning graphics and 3D. It’s a complete visual treat with breathtaking CGI & cinematography

Rating- 3 out of 5


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