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English Vinglish- Movie Review- A beautiful simple film

Sridevi requires no introduction to Indian cinema. And she returns in style in Gauri Shinde’s feature debut English Vinglish. A simple beautiful movie about a shy housewife and a mother who is taken for-granted by her modern kids and businessman husband (Adil Hussain) as she speaks hardly any English. The movie shows the transformation of a shy Indian woman into a confident citizen of the world, over crash course in English.

English Vinglish is a perfect return for Sridevi and delivers a strong message to the audience which thinks- “When a man cooks, it’s an art. When a woman cooks, it’s just her duty.” Amit Trivedi’s music complements the movie very well along with Laxman Utekar cinematography where he shows the city of Manhattan beautifully. Mehdi Nebbou as French classmate Laurent impresses with his role and his scenes with Sridevi is moving where both don’t understand each other but still like each other.

Overall, English Vinglish is a memorable watch with topics like culture and language handled with maturity. The film is a nice balance of everything, right from the script to the characters, everything falls in place. If you haven’t seen it then please go and watch it. This is the changing Indian Cinema which we should be proud of.

Rating- 4 Out of 5


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