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Barfi- A refreshing Love Story-Movie Review

barfi Movie Review

This review might be late, but its better late than never. Barfi is a beautiful movie in every sense. Aesthetically, emotionally & visually. Made by the same guy who made Kites & Murder, Barfi is a pleasant change from the love stories we see these days. A bit of Charlie Chaplin, a bit of Tom & Jerry,a bit of Roberto Benigni  in the first half of Life is Beautiful, and a bit of Raj Kapoor. Ranbeer Kapoor & Priyanka Chopra steals the show. Though I am not fond of her but she always surprises me with her performances.

Barfi is story of a Quirky deaf boy who lives in his own world gets tangled in a love triangle with beautiful Ileana D’Cruz & autistic Priyanka Chopra. So Barfii like Ileana who is about to get married but is in love with Ranbeer. In the meanwhile Ranbeer falls in love with Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra) and then the drama goes on.

For me, all credits to Anurag Basu for building the characters who gets attached to you that you smile & cry with them. Barfi relies on story, characterization & feelings/emotions. And it plays on all very well. Cinematographer Ravi Varman some lavish visuals of dreamy Darjeeling quite brilliantly. The only problem with the movie is again its a bit long.  The movie got quite dramatic in the end, but then some dramatic-ism is okay. Barfi will engross you in it and makes you a part of the on-screen action.  Shot of a silhouetted Shruti and Barfi waiting at a railway station for the next train out of Darjeeling, is technically brilliant as well as it is emotionally stirring. The sequence where Jhilmil is getting jealous of the attention Shruti is getting is also very well done. The sequence between Ranbeer & Saurabh Shukla are very Tom & Jerry or Charlie Chalpin type. The music of the movie is as good as it can be. It grabs attention even before the film starts with the “Picture Shuru” song by Swanand Kirkire. What a way to start a film.

Ranbeer Kapoor without speaking a word wins heart. What a Performance! The guy will remind you of the good old days of Raj Kapoor, Guru Dutt, or even Charlie Chaplin.  You will like Barfi, just 15 mins down the film. It shows its the acting which draws the attention. Priyanka is equally good as autistic Jhilmil. She portrayed the character without overdoing it.  Ileana is also good but that role could have been done by any actress.

Overall Barfi is a refreshing watch. Different & nice. It is a different  love triangle.  And anurag Basu gives you a character in Barfi who will be remembered close to your heart. Barfi is a treat to watch. Knockout performances and brilliant storytelling through emotions, this movie will make your heart sink. Go Watch It. 

Rating- 4 Out of 5


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