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Prometheus- Movie Review

Ridley Scott returns to the alien universe with one of the most hyped film on the year- Prometheus. I’m really sorry, but the movie is a major disappointment. Ridley took Alien to a different level and converted  into something more grandiose, more elaborate  but sadly its less interesting. Ridley Scott did  put a lot of effort on the look of the movie, which is stunning and grand, but left a big loop hole in the script. or I think I expected too much.

Prometheus is part prequel, part variation.  Set some decades before Alien’s  “Prometheus” follows archeologists Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) and Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) into deep space. They have discovered cave paintings around the world depicting  space visitors and few signs, and they go on an expedition to a corner of the universe that matches these ancient maps in the hopes of finding the creators of life but not sure of what kind.

Noomi Rapace is good as Dr Elizabeth Shaw, an intense and driven scientist who grows stronger as her situation becomes desperate,. Charlize Theron justice to her role of Meredith Vickers. The biggest disappointment is wastage of good actor like Guy Pearce as old owner of Weyland Industries who himself looks like an alien. Best performance is delivered by Michael Fassbender. I repeat my old comment about him. That he is the Next Big Thing/Star. He plays David, the android who is there to take care of Theron and the spaceship.

The movie starts well, but seems like losing the plot somewhere. The build up for the climax was somewhat disappointing. Though there are few scenes which makes me to suggest all that don’t watch the movie on full stomach, because it has its effects. The cinematography, the visual grandeur and the look is lavish. The photography is pleasingly crisp and the design is stunning. But it wasn’t supported by the script which apparently has been written and rewritten by two writers and it still feels flat.  The concept of humans having evolved from an alien race is a good one but then I got confused where the aliens living there are killing the Humans formed from them or something like that.

In short, Prometheus is far from the game-changer we hoped for . Apart from the stunning visuals and some good performance by Naomi and Fassbender, the movie was a disappointment. The fans of Alien will feel cheated. Ridley isn’t to blame. His direction is flawless, the cinematography and special effects are spot on. It’s just a shame that the overblown story doesn’t match the quality of the visuals. It will never be a classic like Blade Runner or Alien but wait until its sequel or shall I say prequel.

Rating-3 Out of 5


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