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Entertainment on the Go Contest 3

Time for the last part contest guys. Let’s make it more interesting. This time no options.All the daily winners and the mega winner will be announced on Friday April 20, 2012. Remember  the person who gets all answers correct first wins a Mega Prize. All prizes are sponsored by Nokia. Time to get ready for Entertainment on the Go Contest 3

Q 1: Who is elder. Raghu or Rajiv?

Q.2 Who hosted Splitsvilla Season 1?

Q.3 Which roadies winner who was an RJ in 92.7  BIG FM?

Deadline for Entertainment on the Go Contest 3 is Thursday 19th April 2012. Entries after the day won’t be considered.


  • Answer all the three questions in the comment section with your name, number, email address. Without
  • The contest ends on April 19th 2012. The winners will be announced by 20th  April 2012 latest
  • All decision by the Author will be final and binding
  • A lucky draw will be held among all the right answers with all the completed steps as mentioned


7 thoughts on “Entertainment on the Go Contest 3

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