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The Dirty Picture- Completely Boombaat- Movie Review

Bollywood has always been considered as a hero dominated industry. But Milan Lutharia’s The Dirty Picture proves that now these things are no more true. And when was the last time a movie with sucha  hype did well? Ra. One was a big disappointment. But Vidya Blan’s Dirty Picture not only lived up to the expectations but bettered in a way or two. Since the time the trailers were released the movie was the talk of the nation. Bold, Seductive, Tharki, Sly were few of the terms being used. But Man-o-Man the movie is a lot more than what we saw in the trailers. The film, inspired by the life of Silk Smitha, a  starlet of the 1980s.

Ekta Kapoor’s “The Dirty Picture” is about a small town girl, Reshma, who is determined to make it big in the movies. After many rejections,she gets a small role in one movie which does big and attracts crowd for her part. Renamed Silk – Reshma turns into an instant sensation who is a daring, confident woman and is epitome of sexuality.  But the movie isn’t all about Reshma’s glamour and fame. It also tells a story of her heartbreak, alcoholism, and her death.  Silk’s tragic tale is brilliantly portrayed y by director Milan Luthria, who struggles with an uneven script from Rajat Arora. In the first half of the film, Reshma is willing to do anything to become a star, and in the second half of the film, we see a very dark turn as Silk turns to the drink and her ego takes over her. During her rise and fall she meets and falls in love with three people who are instrumental in her life but before she could see light at the end of two tunnels the bulb fused.

The movie is all about Vidya Balan aka Silk aka Reshma. As a character says- She is really a Hero among all heroines. Vidya is hot but not sleezy. She increased the Oomph factor to few notches. With seasoned actors like Naseeruddin Shah alongside her, Vidya overshadows everyone. For me there were only two heroes Naseer Saab & Emraan Hashmi (I don’t consider Tusshar Kapoor worth considering one here) and Vidya’s character outdid them. Vidya Balan gained about 25 lbs for the role, all of which are on display throughout the course of the film. Balan has delivered the performance of a lifetime. I think she defeats the evil Priyanka Chopra of Saat Khoon Maaf also which was also one of the best performances.

Naseeruddin Shah is as brilliant as ever. If you see his real age and the age he has portrayed in the movie tells it all. The man can do anything and can don any hat. Emraan Hashmi has a small role which suits him. Director Milan Luthria crafted a very bold and charming film. There’s an excellent balance in drama & comedy. Rajat Arora is another winner with his dialogues which makes Silk even more bold and beautiful. Every dialogue here is a Paisa Vasool.  Vishal-Shekhar’s music is good and would have loved if the title music could have been used more. Others like Anju Mahendru, Rajesh Sharma, Shivani Tanskale, Mangal Kenkre and Imran Hasnee have also done justice to their respective roles . Bappi Da with his Oh La La tells that the movie is all about entertainment entertainment and entertainment. The movie does gets slow and draggy in the second half which could have got done with some better editing. the second half reminds me of Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion as both run on the same theme somewhat.

The Dirty Picture is all about women empowerment shown in full entertainment style. How a woman gets noticed , takes control is shown in a splendid way. The Dirty Picture is a right blend of wonderful script, amazing direction and bold performances. Watch it for full masala, full dhaam and some Boombart dialogues. Its Entertainment.

Rating– 3.5 Out of 5


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