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The Day the President Moved Thanksgiving – A Short Film

The market for small companies and short films is increasing big time. These days we can see a lot of individuals and new talents coming up. Sometime back we featured the short film “mehrooni“. This week we have another short film “The Day the President Moved Thanksgiving” by Dastoli Brothers (Robert & James Dastoli).  The movie is a comedic take on outside forces conspire to pressure President Roosevelt into moving the date of Thanksgiving in the year 1939 to allow an extra week for Christmas shopping, in order to provide an extra week of Christmas shopping to boost the American economy. It’s stylistically a journey through various 1930s genres of cinema.

James & Robert Dastoli (Dastoli Digital)  have created many award winning short films in the past decade. This film’s concept has been around since Thanksgiving of 2006, and the main reason for it’s delay in production has been lack of funds. But still amongst all problems the Dastoli Brothers have been able to put up a good and an interesting Short film ready to be screened by Thanksgiving. It is worth having a look. Check it out here-  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLsgUBcoI8w


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