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Rockstar Movie Review

Sometimes its difficult to understand a painting. Every person will have their own opinion about it. Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar is one such painting. Borne entirely out of the imagination of Imtiaz Ali, Rockstar is the story of Janardhan Jhakar, a small town boy with big dreams of becoming a rock star like his idol Jim Morrison and who is looking for some pain and inspiration for his music. And then he falls in love with the beautiful Heer who can’t act. Like other Rockstar type stories it captures the  moment when music draws a man into the realm of the divine and then to his downfall. Rockstar is not a mere love story, but it’s much more than that. Rockstar can be summarized with lines from Rumi’s poem –

Out Beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field and I will meet you there…

Some places where not everyone can reach.

Delhi boy Janardan Jhakar (Ranbir Kapoor) and exotic Kashmiri girl Heer (Nargis Fakhri) meet as students in Delhi college.  Heer dubs him “Jordan,” and the name sticks to him for life. Jordan has music in him; the one thing he’s missing, according to an old friend, is angst and pain. “Nobody can make great art until they’ve experienced real pain,” says his friend. He goes on a quest for love and then embarks on a journey of Janardhan to Jordan and the it’s penultimate end being both leads battling for their survival literally.  When When the pain embarks on him,  Jordan seeks refuge at Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah, where the melodious AR Rehman croons Kun Faya Kun. Gradually Jordan changes . I think the metamorphosis of Janardhan to Jordan are the high point of the film.

First the negatives of the movie- love story angle is so disjointed even by Imtiaz’s standard, the beautiful Nargis Fakhri can’t act. Not using actors like Piyush Mishra to their full potential. The title served to be a misnomer with the movie losing it a bit post interval.

Now what is good about the movie- First and foremost A R Rahman’s music is at the helm of the movie. I think this is the factor that all the negatives can be kept aside for the movie. Guitar wunderkind Orianthi Panagaris (This Is It) lends her blazing licks to the background score. Ranbir is top notch.  He blends in the several layers of his character seamlessly into one and then what we see is just a matured actor. Using a  a non linear narrative style, Imtiaz Ali  creates the genesis of the tormented artist. Ranbir reportedly learnt to play the guitar for the role and his performance so realistic that. I loved the idea of  playing with the stories chronology & the documentary style concert footage giving it a different feel all together. Anil Mehta’s camera work capturing  Kashmir, Dharamsala, Delhi and Prague is brilliant. The jerky shots and quirky angles capture the actors’ emotions effectively.  Shammi Kapoor’s cameo is heat-touching especially Ranbir and his jugalbandi. Imtiaz Ali gives an ode to Shammi ji with Ranbir performing the evergreen- Yeh Chaand Sa Roshan Chera, Zulfon ka rang sunhera- in his style on a shikara.  Both Ranbir & Nargis showed great chemistry, lunacy and passion.

‘Rockstar’ is a movie you will have to allow to grow on you. It is change of the Love story style from Jab We Met to Love Aaj Kal to Rockstar. Is this the mordern love?? I don’t know but yes it can be something beyond. This love story is dark like our lives. Surely the film is slow and moves at its own pace which I think was required for the movie. It can best be described as a cocktail of love and fame and what effect is has on each other. It’s the free-falling nature of the story which borders on self-indulgence every once in a while but wonderfully balances it out with realism. As my friend said that its good to see the idea of ambiguity settling in the filmmakers mind and using it in today’s cinema. For every person the movie has a different ending. I have already talked at length about A R Rahman’s music and Mohit Chauhan’s voice in the music review.  In short they are the soul of the film. Rockstar is like Rumi’s poetry on screen.

Rating- 4 Out of 5

11 thoughts on “Rockstar Movie Review

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  3. i watched it twice and can watch it n number of times
    AR Rahman
    Ranbir Kapoor
    Imtiaz Ali
    all with their team a real rockstars
    a movie more to do not with love….but with feeling of feeling it….

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  5. Definitely the director of the movie Rockstar Imtiaz Ali brings a proclaimed against all the views about his movie Rockstar, basically this movie is about a struggling boy named Janardhan Jhakar later known as JJ in short who wants to be singing sensational of the world.

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