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Mehrooni- A Short Film- Review

Mehrooni means Maroon. This short film directed by Faraz Ali was shortlisted for Dimensions Mumbai in the Mumbai Film Festival this year. Faraz has been a dear friend of mine and a creative guy. I always saw this coming and it has finally arrived. His film “Mehrooni” is being appreciated all over. I will say in typical Faraz style, Mehrooni is a very sentimental movie, which one has to feel it as you watch it. Then only one will feel its impact.

“Mehrooni” is the story of a maroon sweater which is knitted in Mumbai and it grows in Mumbai. It’s becomes the symbol of an unexceptional couple’s journey, struggling to keep their love alive, and survive life in the chaos of a clockwork modern world.  It’s not those lavish sets or those exotic locations that portray love. “Mehrooni, shows the love of a common man. Shown from a commuters perspective who travels in a crowded local everyday and observes a couple that always travels together. Where the wife sits and knits a sweater, husband spends time reading the newspaper. And suddenly one day the commuter is surprised to see only the man alone. Once he goes and speaks to him, he realizes that love exists whether the person does or not.  And then unveils a love-story which is not only mushy and surprising but also as true as it can be.

The movie portrays Simple Love in a Busy World, which still exists but we don’t see it. There are Romeos & Juliets out there. Just because their story is not told, doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Love exists in daily life too and this move reiterates that fact. Script is as well knitted and edited as the maroon sweater, the actors are effortless and real. Music by Arijit Dutta is as soulful as Rekha Bhardwaj’s voice crooning in the background. Whole story is told with such an amazing sensitivity and grace that it will surely move you.  Somewhere I feel they made it a bit more sentimental , but then sentiments are part of our daily lives.  My favourite moment is when the guy wears the unfinished sweater which doesn’t have one arm.

Somebody summarized it beautifully

” Mehrooni jaise pyar sirf kahaniyon mein nahi hota…kahaniya hoti hain kyoki mehrooni jaisa pyar hota hain”

Made on a very tight budget, the movie has been also selected for SIFF international Film Fest.  It’s good to see new talent out there. All it needs is some support.

Complete Cast-

Cast: Sharib Hashmi & Kristine Zedek

Script & Direction: Faraz Ali

Producer: Abbas Syed & Imtiyaz Shaikh

Cinematography: Neeraj Tewari

Editing: J.D & Rahul Bajaj

Music: Arijit Datta

Singer: Rekha Bhardwaj

If you haven’t seen the film as yet, you can watch it here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbfBaw2szq0 –


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