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GANDU-Bengali Movie Trailer (Must Watch)

Ya you might laugh at the title of the film, but this Bengali movie has made to the US at the South Asian International Film Festival in New York and was recently screened at the Slamdance festival in Park City, Utah.  Bengali filmmaker Kaushik Mukherjee who prefers to be called and named Q, made this movie.  Some might call it vulgar but the movie is a low bugdet movie which is high on everything. High on explicit scenes, sexual rap lyrics, and bold content, the movie was recently screened at Berlin Film Festival. Reportedly when the movie was screened, the audience reportedly walked out of the theatre because they simply couldn’t handle its explicit content. But the others who continued watching it couldn’t leave it in between as the film is ‘intense’ and ‘very intriguing’. Director Q has won accolades for his gritty Bengali film which is mostly shot in black and white. Also,the movie has dared to show the full-frontal sex scenes, thus making it the first Indian film to do so.

The film is about a Loser and his  frustrations. 70 percent of it has to be about sex.The makers have no plans to release it in India.

I know you want to see what the movie is all about. Check out the trailer here –


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