The world’s first 3-D erotic film- 3D Sex & Zen Extreme Ecstasy: Trailer

Now this is something like Avatar meets Crouching Tiger. Tipped to be worlds first 3D porn film, Sex & Zen Extreme Ecstasy, is an adaption of  the classic novel the Carnal Prayer Mat. The film follows a young Ming dynasty scholar named Wei Yangsheng’s journey of sexual discovery. A trivia for you guys, in Hong Kong, 3D Sex & Zen made more than Avatar on its opening day.

D SEX & ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY has shattered box office records across the Asia Pacific region, including Hong Kong, Singapore. The film has grossed over $1m on 6 screens in Australia. Directed by Christopher Suen and produced by Stephen Shiu, the executive producer of its predecessor film Sex and Zen, the film is “the world’s first 3-D erotic film.”

Check out the trailer


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