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Chillar Party-Movie with a big heart- Movie Review

If somebody would have told me that this movie was written on the theme Being Human I would agreed to that also. The movie has a humor and so has knowledge. I would consider Stanley ka Dabba or in that case Taare Zameen Par a movie for adults. But this one comes right up in the category of Mani Ratnam’s Anjali and other movies. A dog and a dozen children does a “Hallo Bol” and make this movie a fun to watch.

Right from the introduction of the kids to the story behind their nicknames, the movie elopes you in it making you know the Chandan Nagar gang. The Chilalr Party has many colours like Ramashankar- the fast bowler aka Akram (Rohan Grover), Lucky who is also the Panauti (Chinmai Chandranshuh), Poor Laxman aka Second Hand because he wears second hand clotehs of his brother (Vishesh Tiwari), the entertaining Janghya who doesn’t wear a chaddi(Naman Jain) ,Silencer  who never speaks until the end(Vedant Desai), Aflatoon (Aarav Khanna) jack of all trades but master of none, cute Shaolin (Divji Handa) and last but not the least Encyclopedia, the brains of chillar party (Arjun) .

The Chillar Party is the story of a gang of kids like in any other society or school who hang around together. They feel violated with the entry of Fatka and Bhidu the dog. Liek any other kid gang, Chillar party tries to trouble the dog and Fatka but end up getting friendly with them and taking them in the gang.The movie strips the emotions naked with the scene in which the Chillar Party locks the dog inside a car and Fatka runs around looking for him. Bhidu is all Fatka has and the way he searches for the dog, its just emotional. The scene is sentimental and a classic heart melter. It teaches something in its own way. and its even more nice to see the kids realizing their fault and trying to make up for it in a innocent way.

The movie is full of innocent moments where kids ask some very true, innocent questions which I am sure nobody has answers for. When a child asks his mother that if a poor kid won’t work and earn then how will he eat and feed his dog on the issue of child labour. Its just adorable to see kids discussing what is NOC and quite moving when the kids teach adults by reading from their books when questioned what are they taught in their school.

A politician enters with a drive to get rid of stray dogs creating life miserable for Bhidu, the dog. The society members want Fatka to leave with his dog but the Chillar Party stands up in support of their friend. Together starts a unique campaign by kids where they take on adults and the society and the politicians in their own innocent unique style. And kids coming on road in chaddis with the Chaddi campaign. Even killer is when Janghya who never wears a chaddhi turns up wearing his dads, in rajni style.

Chillar Party connects with you instantly because it is truthful to everything it shows to you.The kids are natural actors and don’t act anything on the screen. They are themselves. Writer-director Vikas Bahl and Nitesh Tiwari shows the entire film from the children’s viewpoint. The show the innocent side of those wonder years where the kids think that Fatka is so lucky because he has not to go to school of drink Milk. Even the scenes showing the kids learning Khane ka, khujane ka, batti bujha ke, so jane ka’ and telling that to their parents is fun. The children introducing the society characters too is hilarious which makes you connect with them immediately.

The movie has its own moments where it will get lump in your throat. The good thing about the movie is that it is just truthful because the actors are truthful and honest to what they are doing. Ok, yes the movie has its cliche’s but still it a very good attempt of humor, simplicity and sensitivity. It teaches adults things in it own way. Go Watch it if you haven’t and you will not be disappointed at all.

Rating– 4.5 out of 5


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