Delhi Belly: Movie Review- Goofy & Disgustingly Funny

Delhi BellyTill the time this review will be up most of you would have seen the movie or have heard about it and made plans for the same. But for those who haven’t yet or even those who have seen the movie I go with the popular consensus that It Rocks. I haven’t seen a movie which has made me laugh like a mad in a long time. Delhi Belly is sick, disgusting & hilarious. Now this is truly a Generation X movie.

Delhi Belly is simply a landslide of  timely jokes, and series of events which keeps three roommates fight gangsters, their daily daemons, jealous boyfriends, unfaithful neighbors in a fasty paced, highly entertaining laugh riot. The sidey Delhi apartment(something like mine) is home to Vir Das who is an unappreciated Ad guy, Kunaal Roy Kapur a photographer and Imran Khan who is a reporter.  All three have their own personal problems- Vir Das’  have been recently dumped and an irritaing boss, Kunal’s bad Delhi Belly which becomes the cause of everything in the movie, and Imran’s amusing lovelife involving Poorna Jagannathan and his to be wife Shehnaz Treasury.  It all starts when a Russian criminal gives Sonia (Shenaz Treasury ), who is an air hostess  a packet of contraband to deliever. Sonia asks her boyfriend,  Tashi (Imran Khan), to deliver it who in turn hands it off to Arup (Vir Das), who in turn passes it to, Nitin (Kunaal Roy Kapoor). Rest what happens is a domino effect of misunderstandings and mistaken identities. Things take a turn when Vijay Raaz, the gangster enters and asks for his misplaced delivery.

The movie sets the pace for things to come in the starting few minutes only. Full of the day to day cuss words, Indian style humour which is not out of the top but more timely and well timed jokes keeps this movie apace. Full of one-liners which just blend with the scene and makes your funny bone tickle like anything. Kunal Roy Kapoor steals the show with his disgusting Bowel moments but sick comedy timings. Vir Das is as funny as ever. Imran Khan does his job well. Vijay Raaz as the Cuss-uttering gangster is kickass as usual. Shenaz Treasury has been sued brilliantly to provide that OOMPH factor in the movie with her plunging neckline and things (things!!!) which made her popular during her MTV days.The movie has a brilliant inter connected script by Amit Verma and equally catchy and supportive soundtrack by Ram Sampath. The music adds in to the action and pace of the movie. The script is well grounded sticking to the Delhi theme. Right from the Water Problem to the road side food everything sets up the tone for the things to come. At times I can’t believe this movie is made by the same guy who made the movie like “Game”. The guy does a brilliant job directing it but I still feel Aamir Khan has his hand in everything and I still feel its Aamir’s movie more than his.

So wats good about the movie. Umm I think everything. The movie doesn’t run long. Just 95 minutes of sheer non-stop entertainment without an interval. The language is day to day language of the generation full of Fucking, fucker, balls, dick, bastard, chootiye, gaand, teri maa ki, bhosdike and a lot more. Kunal Roy Kapur is the headline stealer for me with his bowel moments and his acting.  Now this is coming of generation movie. Now this is the Hollywoodish style Bollywood entertainment which reminded me of  Guy Ritchie movies where plots interconnect and things appear as brutal as they are. The movie shows that its time for the audience and Indian Cinema to grow up and accept that life is not out of Yash Raj Movies. The movie has many aspects to savor. The actors breathes life into the characters. 

In short the movie is a joy ride. It is disgustingly funny and coming of age movie. Delhi Belly is not like the other movies with brainless humour. It is more situational. The movie is a welcome change to the list of comedy movies we have been watching and I hate to say this for an Aamir Khan movie but THIS IS A MUST WATCH.

(P.S) Wait for the Aamir Item Number. You don’t wanna miss it

Rating- 4.5 Out of 5


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