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X Men- First Class : Movie Review

So X Men got rebooted with First Class. And everybody raved about it. I was like OK. Besides the one movie I have not liked the X Men series. I don’t know but I will say I will prefer Watchmen to X Men. Anyways I finally watched the movie and I should say the movie is OK. As my friend who accompanied me to the movie summed it up that it lacked the “Punch”. Yeah that’s it. It did lacked some punch.

X Men first class goes back to 1960s where US & Soviet Russia are fighting with each other. In between this two gifted boys Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) & Erik (Michael Fessbender) meet each other to fight against Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon). And from there starts the explanation to the origin of X Men, the story of Magneto’s famous helmet, naming of the various characters etc. The movie starts by taking us back to the cocentration camp days in 1944 where Eric gets separated by her mother. Dr. Schmidt (later Shaw) pushes Eric to use his extraordinary power to bend metals and use them for his to evade his allies. This unleashes his rage against Shaw and Eric decides to take revenge against Shaw who kills his mother in the process. Meanwhile somewhere else Charles Xavier reveals his power of Telepathy when he meets Raven (Morgan Lily) intruding in her kitchen, and raise her as sister.

CIA officer Moira ( Rose Byrne) appoints Xavier & Eric to track down Shaw to solve the Cuban Missile crisis. Here’s where two mutant teams gets set up and hunt for other mutants begin. During the search they meet  Hank McCoy aka Beast (Nicholas Hoult), a genius with beastly feet who alter on goes to develop Cerebro which helps to find other mutants. Shaw already has  Emma Frost (January Jones), Azazel (Jason Flemyng) and Riptide (Álex González) with him. From here starts the fight for evolution and survival and between good and Evil. Erik hangs between the good and the evil which ends in him turning into evil with Magneto. He along with Raven and others wants to stand apart and fight for their place. YAAAAWWWNNNN

The movie has a good story line and buildup. For me, Erik steals the show and carries the movie on him. Fassbender plays the role intensely and brilliantly. McAvoy talent might not be well used or I may say might not be the good selection for the role of Professor X. Bacon is good as the Nazi and as Shaw. Other characters delivers an OK performance. The background score by Henry Jackman is brilliant. Movie can boast of Good cinematography but average vfx which I expected to be more lavish and top class. Oh and a spoiler . Hugh Jackman makes an appearance in the movie which brings smiles to the audience, but for a short while.

Overall X Men- First Class can reboot the X Men series and Fassbender can be the new Daniel Craig. Eriks revenge takes all the applauds. The plot is intriguing but loose at places, which takes the charm off. As said earlier the movie lacks that final “punch”. Good for a fifth movie in the franchise.

Rating– 2.5 out of 5


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