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Hangover 2- Same Story, Old Jokes, Nothing New – Movie Review

Same Storyline, different city. This sums up what Hangover 2 is all about. After the super hit Hangover, this time the Wolfpack goes to Bangkok. From Vegas the focus shifted to the Thai capital but the story doesn’t. The movie revisits a lot of components that made the first part so successful. Everyone travels to Stu’s wedding away in Bangkok and as obvious it can be they get drugged. No surprises they wake up yet again in a strange place with no memory of the previous night’s events. As usual somebody is missing and this time its Stu’s future brother-in-law, teenaged Teddy (Mason Lee). Again the three best friends- Phil (Bradley Cooper), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) & Stu (Ed Helms) fight against everything and put together the clues,meet a silent Buddhist monk, face Russian thugs, Thai strippers, and a drug-dealing monkey becomes Alan’s pet rather than the child which was there in the first part.


To make things more similar, Chow (Ken Jeong) comes back and so does Mike Tyson in his singing avatar. I wont be surprised if Mike Tyson becomes the part of the wolfpack in the upcoming sequel if any. Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But the Hangover 2 team fail to see that and ending up bringing Vegas memories and make us draw comparison.  For me Zach Galifianakis runs the whole show. at times his Man-child role looks like going over the top but still he is the funny bone in the movie. Chow is too much over the top, Doug (Justin Bartha) is wasted, rest of the characters are still the same, no freshness to the movie. If someone has not seen the first part (is there are any), they will be the only one enjoying the movie. Because this one will make you compare it with the first one because everything is same and obvious. Some freshness would have been welcomed i suppose with the audience, but the Warner Bros. decided to stick with the old formula and quite in the same way. And yes More of those Chuck quotes don’t makes people smile anymore.  Watch if only if you have nothing better to do and if you are ready to forget the first one and not see beyond what’s in front of you.

Rating– 2 Out of 5


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