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7 Khoon Maaf- Dark, Melodious and How…

Vishal gave us Lagnda Tyagi (Saif Ali Khan), Vishal gave us Bittu (Shahid Kapoor) and now he gives us the Daarlingggg Suzanna (Priyanka Chopra).

You can hate this movie but definitely you can’t ignore this one. If somebody says he or she hasn’t liked 7 khoon maaf then I don’t think any khoon should be maaf there. Vishal Bharadwaj has made a dark thriller with 7 khoon maaf and gave Priyanka Chopra once in a lifetime role. Borrowed from Ruskin Bond’s “Susanna’s Seven Husband”, VB delivers a wicked experience. Movie is brave and different. Though I expected a bit more from him but still whatever was there was good.

7 khoon maaf is a story of a woman who is in a quest for love. In that quest she ends up walking the aisle several times, but ends up killing them. The movie is serious, dark and stirring. Though the story like is predictable (which can be a reason a lot of people didn’t like it) but the screenplay and the performances from the actors will keep you engaged. Starting from the cruel Major Rodriques (played by unconvincing Neil Nitin Mukesh), junkie rock star (John Abraham), maniac Wasiullah (Irrfan Khan), impressive Russian  agent Vronsky (Aleksandr Dyachenko),  lusty police officer Keemat (Anu Kapoor) and bankrupt  (Naseeruddin Shah) all deliever some good performance and end up dying under mysterious circumstances.Not to forget Vivaan Shah having a crush on much older Priyanka Chopra and the cameo by Konkana Sen Sharma. Every character brings something to the movie.

Agreeably 7 khoon maaf is not everyones cup of tea. VB brings the Indian heroine out of the shadows and gives his tribute to the woman power. Priyanka in a lifetime role shows the various shades of darkness with her characterization, her role of ‘goosebump’-giving sinister murderess. The shots where she is ringing the bell in a church at night, or laughing like mad shows the shades of darkness in the movie. Her errant, eccentric behavior is brilliant (never thought that I will be saying this). We see Shashi Malviya (Gunga), Harish Khanna (Ghalib) and singer Usha Uthup (Maggie Aunty) as Priyank’s partners in crime. Suzanna will make you sympathize with her at some time, and some time empathize. The director shows her torment journey from a young lady to an old bitch with a style. Yes I feel there is something lacking here and there but still the movie will haunt if it wants.

Neil Nitin Mukesh didn’t impress me much with his character. Expected a lot more from him. John Abraham is brilliant with his role as the drugged rockstar (looked to be inspired from the looks of Axel Rose from Gun’s & Roses). Irrfan Khan delivers a brilliant performance as the maniac husband who beats up the wife to show his superiority. Veteran’s Anu Kapoor and Naseeruddin Shah perform as good as usual. Aleksandr Dyachenko as the Russian agent surprises with his performance and his Hindi. the friend next to me was just drooling over him. Vivaan Shah in his debut movie is convincing and so is Usha Uthup.

Music wise too VB doesn’t disappoint us. The team of Gulzaar And Vishal just kills it every time they team up. Daaaaarling is a hit as we all know. Crooned by Usha Uthup and Rekha Bharadwaj the song will make you sit up and take notice.Though said to be inspired from Russian Military song ,both singers compliment each other brilliantly. Lyrics says- “mehfil me sansani hone do” and it did. Another winner is Tere Liye sung by Suresh Wadekar is just simple melodious . The song has romance in every bit of it. Lyrics by Gulzaar saab again are simply out of this world. Then there is “Bekaraan“. VB shows whatever he does, he does it superbly. “ek zara dekhiye to, aapke paon taley kuchh to atka hai kahin,”- what brilliance here. “O’Mama” is a surprise rock number again written by Gulazaar and sung by guess who. Yeah it’s KK.It’s always a treat to hear him. Here I should say both Gulzaar saab and KK rocked. A sudden switch in the genre with loads of energy and some evilness. Overall music compliments to the movie in a very good way. VB uses singers like KK, Suresh Wadekar and even Master Salim to keep the songs playing up to our ears.

Vishal Bharadwaj wins as a director, as a singer. The movie has a good screenplay, good cionematorgraphy and typical Vb like shaky cameras at places. I feel somewhere editing is inconsistent and story telling could have been much tighter. But still the darkness prevails. Don’t know why but this movie reminded me a lot of Anurag Kashyap’s Paanch. I agree there is no comparison but the darkness in these movies are just underlying fact about the beauty of this kind of cinema.

As I repeat 7 Khoon Maaf won’t be liked by everyone. But I wonder if people can make Tees Maar Khan and Housefull like movies then I believe movie making needs to be changed. Cinema needs to come of age and movies like this pave the way for it. Be it a hit or a flop, this movie is win in my opinion. Might not be the best VB movie but definitely not the worse. Priyanka delivers a superb role to keep the Daaarrrlingg murdering the role. Overall a dark, dingy and unconventional watch.

Rating- 4 out of 5


4 thoughts on “7 Khoon Maaf- Dark, Melodious and How…

  1. Yeah you can take it that way too. But also, if we see she is not killing everybody like that. Killing every husband had a reason behind it. A woman who is betrayed in love six times is doing that in her quest for love. It shows slowly the woman are coming out of age in cinema. There was a woman like that in every era who fought against what she didn’t liked and i feel Suzanna is an example of that.

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