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127 Hours- Movie Review – Brilliance

Last night I  decided to watch 127 hours. After learning about the Oscar nominations it received I was prompted  to go and see what the big deal is all about.  Plus it was the return of the duo of Danny Boyle & AR Rahman who won Oscars in bulk. One confession I would like to make that as much as I hated Slumdog Millionaire, that much I was keen to watch this movie. Because I had a feeling that this will bring me back to be Danny Boyle’s fans list. And yes it did.

127 Hours’ is a gripping real-life account of climber Aron Ralston’s struggle to survive after his arm is trapped under a boulder. It shows five-day struggle of a man to survive in the Great Canyon. The movie is an adaptation of Between a Rock and a Hard Place- true account of Ralston’s having his arm lodged beneath a boulder. Boyle apparently has stuck with the facts and hasn’t added anything in story except the brilliant screenplay and brilliantly convincing performance from James Franco.

The movie dates back in 2003, where Ralston is an extreme sports enthusiast who goes . He goes hiking every weekend and just like every weekend he goes out hiking in the beautiful Blue John Canyon. He doesn’t tells anybody where is going.  There he meets two attractive women hikers who invites him to their party later on. Aaron’s  date with destiny starts with a dangerous climb where he gets trapped. His supply of food and water is running out. With a small  pocketknife with him Ralston begins a five day ordeal where he goes through flashbacks of his life, his dreams about the party, his dream about escaping,  his family,  his childhood, friends and the two hikers he met before getting trapped, importance of people in life and finally cutting off his arm.

Boyle captures the process and the build up to to the moment where Ralston flirts with the idea of chopping his right arm off for a couple days till the finally does it.  Danny Boyle goes into the head of the Ralston and shows every detail of what’s going on in the trapped guy’s head.  From Ralston’s excitement to his desperation, everything has been shown in a brilliant way.

Franco’s performance as Aaron Ralston is brilliant, gripping and convincing. Franco lives up to the life of the adventurer and a desperate man to get out of a trapped place. The way he tries to get free from that boulder to start shooting himself as a TV show host is just superb. The performance is believable and harrowing. I could hear the OOMPHs and Uffs by the women around when he cuts off his hand.  Now I am not eligible to comment on a master like AR Rahman. All I can say he has given a fantastic background score far better than Slumdog. The track If I rise is a fluid mix of many genres, the soundtrack album combines Rahman’s music with pieces by Free Blood, Bill Withers, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Esther Phillips, and Sigur Ros. A.R. Rahman captures the emotional intensity and pace of this film in the sounds he creates. The soundtrack is already being discussed as a clear front-runner for Best Soundtrack at the Academy Awards.

127 hours is a thriller which shows the pain, both physically and mentally of a trapped man. Danny Boyle shows why he is the master of genres with brilliant story plot, screenplay, editing and story telling.  The movie is visually quite compelling which is one of the strong parts of the movie. James Franco’s performance is commanding and convincing which puts up in the list of front runners for Oscar’s.  The movie and the performance will keep you gripped, make you take a deep breathe, a sigh of relief  and yeah not move at all. A must watch for the year after The Social Network.

Rating 4.5 out of 5

See the Trailer of the movie here –

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