Indian Ocean Live Concert in Mumbai

Not everyday you will see jugalbandi of a flute with a guitar, or a tabla on a bass guitar doing jugalbandi with drums. Not everyday you get a chance to hear a band like Indian Ocean which I realized yesterday.  After missing to attend to their concert twice this year I made sure I get hold of passes to see them perform. And now I feel good I was there. Man what a performance…what an improvisation..and they know how to keep you glued and entertained.  These guys played right from their famous songs like Kandisa and Bandeh to the rare  Leaving Home keeping everyone just mesmerized.. With a mix of Indian classical music, fusion and rock they continue to attract people from all ages.

Indian Ocean, with Rahul Ram on the bass, Susmit Sen on guitar, Amit Kilam on drums, percussion, and wind instruments, Himanshu Joshi on vocals and Tuhen on tablas. They are one of the only bands in India to use flute so much in their music and its willingness to improvise and experiment makes them different. and with Indian Ocean its not his vocalist who takes the main stage but they gives everyone a voice – the bass, flute, and the drum get their chance to be the spotlight. Another specialty of Indian Ocean is their lyrics. Hard hitting, talking social issues and awakening.   Time for more Indian Oceans to emerge now.

I think the line completes this all – Katra katra aasaman hai..oonchi asal udaan – Indian Ocean

Here are some pics n video from the concert.


One thought on “Indian Ocean Live Concert in Mumbai

  1. Wow, I am an Indian Ocean fan! Hey all u music lovers check this out Sundown is Back on the 16th Jan with Tristan & flipflop // 23rd Jan DIXON (innervision / Berlin). Best Wishes for the New Year!!. Looking forward to seeing you at the eventful Sundowns at Aurus!! Be there!!

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