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The Social Network – Movie Review

I was feeling bad that I couldn’t watch The Social Network at the Mumbai Film Festival, but thanks to my luck, I got a chance to see a special screening tonight. Like a school kid, I was as excited as anyone else to see one of the most anticipated movies of the year. So once in a lifetime there are inventions which changes things. I believe Facebook has been one of these crazy internet inventions.  The Social Network captures the journey of the youngest Billionaire in the world and creating the one of the most talked about online invention I think after Google. My main worry about the movie was will it live up to the hype?? Will it be as good as the Facebook itself ? Let’s see

When I saw the trailer for the movie I was like Seriously? ? but now I think Seriously. The movie centers on Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook. So the movie starts with an discussion which pulls you in it and then you get involved immediately. Zuck  gets spurned by the girl he was dating and goes back to his room, gets drunk, and built a site Facemash that allows people to rank the attractiveness of women. The site gets so much traffic that night that it crashes Harvard’s network. The site becomes an instant hit and Mark is suspended for six months. The brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss gets interested in getting Mark to develop Harvard Connection. Mark joins them but is gets disinterested and decides to create his own social network  with “Thefacebook”. He starts the site with his friend Eduardo and the site goes live becomes an instant hit. The meets Napster’s creator and then his life changes slowly.

The whole story is interspersed with scenes of Zuckerberg being sued in two separate lawsuits . The way the movie moves is very impressive. It is so thrilling and captivating as if you feel you are actually witnessing it and you can’t miss a dialogue.  As the movie tag line says you don’t make 1 million friends without making few enemies, they show the good and bad side of Mark. The film shows Mark Zuckerberg in a bad light too which is why I think Mark didn’t endorsed the film.

The acting is very much believable especially Jesse Eisenberg playing as the founder of Facebook.  He suffers from impulse control and blogs impulsively (like me :P). His jottings gets him in trouble time and time again. Jesse plays the character flawlessly. He is argumentative, abrupt, and has his own way of dealing with people. The other supporting cast is equally good. David Fincher does a good job with the movie, and takes out strong performances from the supporting cast too notably Andrew Garfield who is equally good as Zuckerberg’s best friend Eduardo Saverin, who later suffers the ultimate betrayal. Justin Timberlake does justice to his role of Sean Parker- The Napster founder.

In short The Social Network is about a geek who creates a website and finds out what greed and ambition can do. The film is very well edited and keeps on cutting back and forth between locations and timelines to keep you glued. Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and Director David Fincher team up to create an engrossing story about a struggle of a geek to be known and belong to people. The movie is one heck of an entertainment.

Rating- 4.5 Out of 5


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