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That Girl In Yellow Boots- Preview

That Girl in Yellow Boots is next in line what Anurag Kashyap has stored in for us. Written by the Co-director of Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) – Cameron Bailey,  this one looks like one experimental film. The movie looks like a a story on all the South Asians who live in between worlds. For some this movie might be disturbing but for me Anurag is changing the course of Indian Cinema which these kind of movies. New experiments, bolder ones and strong concepts is the USP of the new-age Anurag. This movie has been shot in mere thirteen days.

This movie is about a girl Ruth, who is fighting hard to survive. She is fighting everyday, learning new things everyday. She is trying to fight to survive in Mumbai.  She learns how to manipulate everything or how the system works. SHe studies and learns to do “massages”  and work in a parlour where she services backroom also.  Ruth has a boyfriend, who is one major trouble maker for her.He puts Ruth always in some dangerous situation or the other because of his druggy antics etc. Ruth takes everything very bravely for only one reason- she wants to search for her father in the city. During her search she comes face-to face with Underworld. This girl is scared also but at times puts up a brave front too.

Ruth- That girl in yellow boots is  character which is brave, strong but still weak with emotions. She is sensitive but still numb to people around him. She is alone but not yet alone in the croded city where she is always ready to connect with people. And that also just for a reason. Kalki looks strong in the character. This movie is surely going  to attract audiences world wide. Already in news because of the pics which got leaked on net, this is one experiment which I am looking forward for. Very good Cinematography with the portrayal of Mumbai city and its inside areas, this movie will surely take Hindi Cinema to another levels. Lets see how audience reacts to this. Here are some trailers for your reference.


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