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Peepli Live- A Good Comedy but Aamir’s hype spoils it

When Aamir Khan is producing a movie, the first thing anybody will expect is it will be brilliant. Yes Peepli Live comes close  it but still stays far. Peepli Live is a movie which is not made everyday, but shows what few people live everyday. Everything in the movie is temperamental. Be it the humor, or the satire. A time where India is showing that it is shining, the movie shows that there is a lot of important things which was being ignored.

Peepli Live tackles an array of issues. From media to village suicides to politicians shrewdness, this movie exposes everything with a dash of humor. And the humor in full Frank Capra style. The movie gathers your attention from the beginning. Doesn’t waste your time, gets you in the thick of the action and with Natha and his brother in a simple but brilliant plot.  Right from the beginning the director Anusha Rizvi uses witty lines, timely abuses mixed in with the day to day language and mixes it with brilliant satire. Now what else you expect from a movie produced by Aamir Khan himself. Too much hype,  social issues and the hype he creates and movie a hit.

Natha (Omkar Das Manikpuri) decideds to commit suicide to get the compensation Government gives, thanks to his brother Budhia (Raghubir Yadav). Now as a reporter (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) overhears and breaks the story, whole country is caught up in the saga of the farmer who vows to kill himself. and then the TRP wars starts. The media houses fight to cover anything and everything related to Natha, be it his room, his clothes or even his way of sitting and shitting. News Channels cover everything but still covers nothing. For them a live suicide is more important that the apathy of the villagers. And media rather than being the voice of people, it causes havoc in a silent village.

To stop from suicide, Natha gets everything from a Lal Bhadur (Hand-pump) to a TV, but his problem never gets solved. The movie very smartly talks about all the offers government has for the villagers but which one can avail only after they are dead. The movie mocked the two estates- Media & the government very effectively. The director portrays the perspective of government officials and the media  in a manner that one can’t stop laughing. The music by Indian Ocean suits the tempo and the story of the movie.

Everyone right from Natha to his mom, everyone acts so naturally. The arguments between Natha’s mother, nath’s wife and nath’s brother is too good and too natural. It was good to see a real village after a long time in movies. The set-up of the village, the characters everything makes the movie even better. At times it doesn’t look like anyone’s acting.  So what I didn’t like. The movie had everything but still missed the punch required. And what punch am I asking for? Ask Aamir. The hype Aamir created over the movie, made me wanting something more from the movie. That punch might be the ending of the movie or something more which I still need to find out. Or this is because of the over-hype created behind the movie that it makes me feel there is something missing there.


4 out of 5


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