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Peepli Live- Its Different (Music Review)

Peepli Live

Peepli Live Music Review- It's Different

It’s the promo of the movie which prompted me to review the music because I found something interesting in it. Seeing the promos the music and songs looks like taken from the deep roots of India’s villages and Indian classical music. The song which comes in the promo where Raghveer Yadav sings it over a harmonium was another reason of trying to hear more of this album. Plus produced by Amir Khan himself is another reason to see what this perfectionist is has stored for us. So here it is, the music of Peepli Live. The album boasts of six tracks composed by Nageen Tanvir, Indian Ocean and Ram Sampat. The complete album is full of unique, interesting pieces of music which definitely moves the story along with them.
The album starts off with “Des Mera” by the legendary Indian Ocean. As the band is known for their earthly music, here also they come up with a regional beauty. The track is upbeat and has the typical Indian Ocean rustic though lively feel to it. After researching a bit I came to know that this song has been taken from the band’s ‘Jhini’ album that was released in 2003 but this one is tweaked according to the movie’s requirement. A track worth listening to whether you are an Indian Ocean fan or not.

“Des Mera” has another Jazz version which a few western beats to it. I don’t know what was the need for this. This is the only track in the whole album which didn’t impress me much.

Next is “Mehngai dayain” , the song which comes in the trailer. Sung by Raghuveer Yadav , this song reminds me of theone they use to sing in ram-leela’s in the villages. With the rustic yet good voice of Raghuveer Yadav with the harmonium and dholak in the background, this song tells what the whole movie is about- the satire. Like the movie, this song is a satire on the rising prices in the country etc. The folk touch to this song makes the mood. There is another remix version to this but I don’t think its much worth talking or writing about.

Next in the queue is dark number “Zindagi Se Darte ho”. Now this one has the rock feeling to it with the voices of Indian Ocean and a more different music to it. As my friend called it, a rock opera, this one is different and the best in the album. Based on the poem by Noon Meem Rashed, this one is just brilliant. Reminds me of the vintage Indian Ocean of Black Friday. This song is the highlight of the album and not to be missed for sure.

Last one in the album is “Chola Maati Ke Ram”- A deep and soulful song by Nageen Tanvir. A deep regional song with equally good lyrics gives this one additional point. Inspired from music from either M.P or Chattisgarh I am not sure which one, but is very good. The song has a complete different feel to it which you don’t see that often these days. Another winner in the album.

Overall, the whole album is experimental and a winner. Looks like the songs are handpicked from various sources and then delivered brilliantly. You don’t hear these kinds of songs everyday. So I will suggest that you buy or download (which most of you will do) this album. This is worth keeping, something different for your soul. This album will take you back to those rustic settings, those rustic music that you will also sing along.

Rating- 4.5 out of 5


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