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Aisha – Official Trailer

Aisha is a story that centers around the typical Delhi life of an upper and middle class group of friends. They have a strong family support, they have a group of family friends they have grown up with and they have their best friends from school and college. In Aisha, you have four different kinds women – There is a girl like Shefali who is 22 and brought to Delhi by her relatives with the sole purpose of finding a nice boy for her and settling her down. Then there is Pinky who would love to settle down but no boy seems to be interested in her, Aarti who is looking to climb any and all ladders using her sex appeal, whether corporate or social and then finally there is Aisha, a confident single girl who is happy to be the way she is and is in no hurry to settle down.

As Aisha’s romantic angles go ridiculously wrong, triangles dissect and quadrangles form, she realizes that she is not very good at matchmaking. She makes a hilariously tangled mess of every body’s lives around her only to realize that she may lose the perfect match for herself. Aisha then has the daunting task of finding her own path in front of her, even if it means cutting a route through the thick swampy jungles of the mess she has created. At least she’ll do it while looking good and smelling great!  Aisha is an all out romantic comedy that leaves cupid at the drivers seat.Aisha is every woman, trying to figure out herself, her way and her life.

Sonam looks like a diva in Aisha and Abhay as usual smart and charming. an unusual pairing according to me which will do wonders.


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