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Raavan: AR Rahman, Gulzaar & Mani Ratnam’s magic

AR Rahman & Gulzaar…Can you ask for a deadlier combination. Now add one more name to it- Mani Ratnam. Does it soars your expectations….. Yes it did for me atleast. After Bombay the duo is back. But then time has passed but the music hasn’t change. Expecting something different from Rahman this time..Lets see what he has got for us.

Raavan’s music catches you from the word go. Starting the album with Beera Beera. The song has a very heavy African and  Indian folk touch to it. A very energizing song used as the introduction song for Abhishek in the promos. Such kind of songs usually falls in the category of Sukhwinder Singh but this time it was given to new comer  Kirti Sagathia &Vijay Prakash. Both don’t disappoint us with some flashes of Rahman here and there with some heavy orchestra in the background.  Beera has a spirit attached to it.

The album takes an experimental turn with somewhat a dark song” Behne De”. Now this one has a sufi touch to with Karthik’s voice, the maestro’s Gulzaar’s lyrics & trademark Rehman there. The track will keep you hooked to it and surely should be good on screen too.

Suddenly comes “Thod de Killi”. At first sounded like a spirited song but it gets tedious. Full of bagpipes and vocals, this is a fast paced number with Sukhwinder’s distinctive voice and watch for Gulzaar saab’s lyrics. Next in line is “Ranjha Ranjha” sung by one of my favorite Rekha Bhardwaj. This lady has such an  earthy voice that one can’t get enough of her.  She is very well accompanied by Javed Ali and Anuradha Sriram this song has a good sufi touch with some electronic addition to it.  The song is breezy, sensual and a must listen. One of my fav’s in the album.

Next in line comes the semi-classical, poetic Khilli Re where Reena Bhardwaj (Yeh Rishta kya Kehlata- Meenaxi fame) goes solo lending her voice to Rahman’s masterclass.  The song is semi-devotional & dreamy.

The album ends with a number on the Lines of Rukmani Rukmani called Kata Kata. With a deadly combination of Ila Arun and Sapna Awasthi, very well supported by Kunal Ganjawala, this is a Bachelor’s party song 😛 . The use of words here is impeccable being rhyming & repeating all over the song. An intresting nice number.

Overall Raavan’s music is very good. The first look of the movie is equally killer. Looks like Rahman’s gives his best with Mani Ratnam.  Hope now Mani Ratnam makes Abhishek & Aiswarya act for gods sake. AR Rahman did his bit in the music part by making it different and melodious.

Rating- 4.5 Out of 5

Check the Promo here-


One thought on “Raavan: AR Rahman, Gulzaar & Mani Ratnam’s magic

  1. The first look of the movie is interesting but the music does it for me. All hail to Gulzaar Saab n the maestro, Rehman…..

    My favorite from the list is Ranjha Ranjha and I totally agree , you jst acnt have enough of Rekha Bharadwaj. Behne de takes you to a different world altogther and Beera reminds me of the Vishal Bharadwaj’s Omkara stint.

    Overall, awesome lyrics and music…. n hopefully Mani Ratnam must have done his best to make the actors act. fingers crossed!!!!
    Waiting for the release.

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