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Up In The Air- Movie Review

Up In the Air

As far as I know Jason Reitman began adapting Walter Kirn’s novel “Up in the Air” five or six years ago.  But today the movie can be related by a lot of people.  Reitman who in the past gave us movie likes “Thank You for Smoking”  & “Juno” presents a corporate comedy which is deeply personal and serendipitously relevant.  This is one of the year’s finest films.

Starring George Clooney as  Ryan Bingham, a career transition counselor who loves hotels , flying miles,  lives a life of isolation & for 322 days a year, he’s in and out of airports.  All izz well until he meets lady “who calls herself the female version of Clooney but with a Vagina-  Alex, played by beautiful & sexy Vera Farmiga. He is made  to teach the  student, Natalie, played by Anna Kendrick, to learn the ropes of the business before potentially making a change to Ryan’s way of life.

Up in the Air is a movie with slick line which are humorous and witty. George Clooney  is his most modest best & charming as usual.  He  makes everything look easy.  As he says, “The slower we move, the faster we die.”  He got the desrved Oscar nomination now for this. The movie is full of some of the best lines and delivered with that much punch too. Vera Farmiga as Alex is  beautiful and ugly too with her performance which helps her to land her first Oscar nomination. Her role is divisive and brilliant.

But for me Director Jason Reitman takes the cheese.  His screenplay and his direction is just super. I haven’t read the book though, but can be sure that the work done is a good job here.  While watching the movie I could see umpteen number of similarities of this movie with “Thank You For Smoking”.  One is a PR person of a cigarette company and other “fires people”.  The movie is good in terms of its screenplay and writing. The aerial shots of various cities, the montage of real life fired people who lost job because of recession to describe their anguish.. and the one liners take it a level ahead.

Up in the Air aks you to understand life, grow up and appreciate the relationships. Watch this movie for Clooney, for the one-liners, for the exy Vera & for a good movie for a change.

Rating: 41/2 out of 5


4 thoughts on “Up In The Air- Movie Review

  1. awww…maannn…. u stepped ahead of me..
    i was jus gonna watch this one and post the review 😉
    bach gaye janaab 😛
    i wont read the review cos i wanna watch the movie 🙂

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