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Paanch: Avoid Life.It kills you in the End



Apna Kaam bunta, bhaad main jaaye junta…..

Thanks to torrents, I was able to see the most talked Hindi movie “Paanch”. The directorial debut of Anurag Kashyap, the movie has been stuck with Censors for quite some time now. Meant to be released in 2000 but the censor board refused to certify unless it toned down drastically. not ready to alter the story line, Anurag Kashyap refused to move. The film was finally passed by Censor Board With an Adult Only Certificate in 2003 but the producers, Tutu Sharma and Padmini Kolhapure, seemed to have some  sort of a fallout and refused to release the film. It is still unknown why the film was never released.

Anyways, talking about the movie,it is the story of a rock band comprising of Luke, Murgi, Joy, PornD, and Shuili. Kay Kay plays Luke: the leader here. a highly dominating and impulsive character . The story is a  noir genre thriller. The five hatch a simple plan to ‘kidnap’ a friend, with his consent, for money from his rich-but miser dad. Things go wrong when Luke murders one and what follows is a gory tale of murders, betrayals etc. The censor board objected that the movie didn’t have any ‘positive characters’; but when there are grey shades in every person then why one want to portray the world has white & show everything as nice.The film shows dark mindsets in people who happen to be musicians.

The story starts with a narrative which goes into a flashback.  A 3-hour long movie (my friends thought it was tiring and long) but it grips you time and again with a twist. The Screenplay & acting are simply superb. The acting by everyone is good. Kay Kay Menon is simply superb performing the role of Luke, who is a maniac & a Jim Morrison fan. Nobody can tell that this is his first movie.His performance is spectacular. Aditya Srivastava, Vijay Maurya and Joy Fernandes support him well. The only disappointment in the movie was  Tejaswini Kolhapure. I would have preferred a lot more Bitchy girl than her. Dialogues in the movie are simply superb. A very roadside language the dialogues hit it you time and again on the situations. Luke’s wall says: “Franz Kafka, Van Gogh, Michelangelo were unrecognized geniuses in their life. Recognize me!!”

The music is distinctive Indian rock songs . Vishal Bharadwaj and Abbas Tyrewala makes the music a part of the movie. Songs, like ‘Tamas’, ‘Khuda hun mai’, and ‘Kya din kya raat’ are simply brilliant.  This is Indian rock it portrays.

It is said that after the movie was refused certification by Censor Board in 2000, Anyurag Kashyap went in to a major depression and would often walk wandereslly in the streets and start crying at 2 or 3 in the night. There were rumors too that the movie was loosely based on the real life Josi-Abhyankar Murders that took place in Pune almost 3 decades back.

Dunno if I can call this movie the best debut movie I have seen, but it makes its own place.  The movie will live up to its hype if you ignore its length. A brilliant movie. I know I am partial towards Anurag Kashyap, but if he is a class apart, then I can’t help. This movie will show you making of a master director.  Watch the movie for Anurag’s Screenplay & story telling, dialogues with perfect timing, watch it for KK Menon’s LUKE. I am not entitled to review such kind of movie. I can only tell you that download it and DO WATCH IT.

The movie begins with this saying: Evil is perhaps a child. and we all have child within us. How we unleash the child is the thing now 🙂


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