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Ishqiya- 2010: After Dhan Te Nan It’s Ibn-E-Batuta


Two Hooligans, one temptress and a rustic setting of a village makes the music of Ishqiya a class apart. The two hooligans on the music side- Vishal Bharadwaj & Gulzaar Saab recreates the magic together. These two hooligans have been giving some fantastic music in the past and they still don’t fail to deliver here. The philosophical lyrics of Gulzaar S’aab along with the music of Vishal has become a combination that will make something abstract, unique and definitely offbeat.

One thing I have always wondered that what does Gulzaar Uncle thinks & write. I need a guide book to understand those lyrics. But whatever said and done, the lyrics are what he sees beyond imagination. Saying this comes my first favourite song of the year 2010 -“Dil to Bachcha Hai Ji” by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Studded with its own Sufi elements & the retro-style the song has hooked me and will surely have you hooked right from the start. With the claps, harmonium etc Vishal sets the tone very nicely. And with lyrics like : 

Hai zor kare kitna shor kare… bewaja baton pe aiwen gor kare…. Dil sa koi Kameena nahi ..koi to roke koi to toke…is umar main abh khao ge dhoke…Dar lagta hai ishq karne main bhi…Dil to bachcha hai ji….thoda kachcha hai ji…. dil sa koi kamina nahi…

I don’t know how kamina my dil is..But this song is a winner.

Now Comes the song which is rocking the television channels these days. Ibn-E-Babatuta. Sung by other two hooligans- Sukhwinder Singh & Mika, the duo is creating a riot here. The song is a story of Ibn Batuta a14th century traveler who is known for the account of his travels and excursions. So yes it’s his shoes doing Churrr and Phurrr..with another abstract & comical lyrics the song is going to be there for some time now.

If Vishal can do something then his better half is not far behind. Rekha Bharadwaj  comes up with a ghazal “Ab Mujhe Koi”. Its after a long time I am hearing ghazal in a movie. And this lady has proven her versatility. With a song like Namak & now this, she actually proves her mettle. Song about broken dreams and life’s longing has a very lazy touch to it with some more imaginative lyrics like: Aankh ke ek gaon mein , raat ko khwaab aate the , jhulo se behte the , bole to kehte the , udte khwabo ka aitbaar kahan. It’s a conventional ghazal set to a rather unconventional background consisting of guitars, keyboard and drums.

You just get down with this that Badi Dheere Jali starts. A wonderful fusion of western and eastern instruments it is a true classical number. I don’t understand classical so much, hence I stand no right to comment on this. But still for a hearing its soothing.  Rakhi’s vocal is as usual strong and perfect match to the music.

There are few remixes in the album but I don’t wanna talk about those. They can be given a pass easily.

Overall, the original numbers in the song are a package for a soulful listening.  The deadly duo of-Vishal & Gulzaar does it again.The album might not have a mass appeal but still it has its own audience and the duo has its own following which is going to get better. Now let’s await the movie which are other two hooligans- Naseer Bhai & Arshad Warsi.


3 thoughts on “Ishqiya- 2010: After Dhan Te Nan It’s Ibn-E-Batuta

  1. it was good though not wat i expected it to be….and was a bit disappointed by the movie especially with the end……the movie ends with a pretty straightforward and simple …may cause it was Vishal Bhardawaj movie i was expecting something extraordinary from this director too……..though nothing especial…….

    though nice songs…..Ibn-e-batuta, Dil to bacha hai, Ab mujhe koi intezaar nahi…….Rekha Bhardwag sung that song really well….


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