Avatar- Movies will never be the same


Avatar-Movie-WallpapersTill the time I post this, most of you would have seen the masterpiece of James Cameron- Avatar. I won’t be reviewing the movie here, as a lot of others have already done it. But I am going to talk about what is in it which makes Avatar so special and a landmark movie.  I heard this from a lot of people saying that the story was pretty predictable and Blah Blah.. I know a lot of people who didn’t like it. It’s their choice.

With Avatar, James Cameron has taken a step to change the way movies are made. And what a way to do it. By  making Pandora he takes the imagination not just beyond a story but beyond the whole vast new environment it takes place in. If you watch it in 3-D the movie just takes you to a different world all together. A world which is beyond imaginations. With a budget of $230 million the movie has set benchmarks in film making. James Cameron who was last seen with Titanic took his own time to deliver a visual treat to his audience.It is impossible not to be impressed by his action-filled 3-D vision of adventure and battles in a jungle on an alien planet, where flora and fauna wave in the air and various Pandorians flying all around the place, dropping from cliffs, high and taking you with it.

Avatar is an effects-heavy 3-D  fantasy, set 125 years in the future & is about a disabled US Marine, Jake Sully, who is sent to Pandora, to find supplies of "unobtainium", an energy-rich mineral.  Jake discovers a world of beauty and innocence, populated by 10-foot-tall, blue-skinned beings called the Na’vi, whose peaceful existence the humans proceed to rock.

Avatar is not the first 3D movie. But it is one which involves you with it because of its appearance.  Earlier when we saw Chota Chetan 3D or Toy Story or even Terminator we felt flashy, but there’s just nothing beneath the surface. There wasn’t anything to make you feel that you are a part of that place. With Avatar, james-cameronMr Cameron takes you among those funky looking blue aliens, with the “revolutionary” 3-D look, of the blue moon in the Alpha Centauri system. Avatar brings to life many of the seemingly far-out concepts for the future.

Whenevr I wore those heavy 3D glasses the movie opens  a whole new array of sensory experiences. Wehave been talking about CG & 3D etc to generate a certain sequence or just a part of the movie. But with this Cameron used it towards creating the Immersive Moment where  for a few moment I felt I was on Pandora, there were times which made me want to touch the flowers.

Most sci-fi movies are about humans where we fights the evil aliens or the transforming robots. District 9 showed Humans attacking aliens & their cruelty. But Avatar made these aliens look & feel more spectacular than the humans. I read somewhere that Cameron first thought of the story 14 years ago, but didn’t found that the technology which could make this dream come possible for him. But with the new digital 3-D system today solved his problem. Will this movie push  cinemas  to convert to the new format has to be still seen, but whatever said and done Avatar has set standards. You agree or not.

Avatar represents a step forward towards cinema’s merging with video games, breathing life into new worlds that we can then experience on their own terms. People are linking Avatar to the Iraq War telling that Americans has a ‘moral responsibility’ to understand the impact that their military campaigns had had for the world. Avatar projects the story of a US expedition to exploit resources in the Middle East. Cameron draws a direct analogy between the war in his film, and the war on terror in real life.

The story is not the strong point of the movie – But the Graphics are. The rendering of Pandora’s  landscape is simple brilliant- from the glittering forest floor teeming with wildlife, to the floating mountain chain connected only by giant tree roots. Everything looked vivid. The attention to detail in this movie is simply staggering. avatar3

The success of the movie has pushed for a Video Game being launched soon by the same name. We Will wait to see how much hype does it generate and how much expectations it can fulfill.

Whatever said & done, Avatar is a beginning of a new era. An Era of Digital Cinema. An era where you can live your imaginations. And all that….on the BIG SCREEN

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