10 Erotic Moments/Movies

Sex in movies are like fantasies. It not only takes the story ahead but grabs the attention back of the impatient souls in the movie hall. Whether it is about two pretty women making out or even a small schoolboy ogling at his teacher these erotic scenes are remembered if the movie is not. There’s nothing quite like watching people get wet and wild without consequence. I decided to make a list of some erotic scenes I liked in the movies I have seen so far. This list was a tough one to make. Lot of you may or may not agree with my choices but you will feel a little tingle down there when you see them too.

  1. Nine and Half Weeks: I hardly know men who hasn’t seen this movie and ogled at pretty Kim Bessigner. When Rourke meets Basinger, an erotic relationship blossoms and lustful, almost dangerous and most erotic scenes appears. The movie even shows other uses of strawberries, olives, jelly honey etc. The fun with ice cubes & silk scarf can’t be better. It’s the foreplay that gets you riled up. The scene in which Michael blindfolds Kim and melts ice cubes on her naked body does the opposite of cooling us down. Ah, food: It’s not just for dinner anymore.

  2. 2. A History of Violence: This movie showed that even a regular people have hot sex lives. Tom (Viggo Mortensen) and Edie (Maria Bello) acted out a few teenage fantasies while Edie wore a cheerleader outfit. The couple is at odds and, in a heated moment of anger, end up having wild sex on the wooden stairs of their home and while it’s quick and aggressive, it’s filled with passion and sensuality.Even though the scene contains what director David Cronenberg’s showed a 69 session. The act is sweet and tender. The same can’t be said for a second, much more violent session on the stairs — complete with slapping and screaming .It’s a sex scene that’s erotic and disturbing and it actually tells us something about the characters in it. In other words, it is perfect

  3. 3. Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ : I had to pick a Hindi movie here because in a country where talking and showing of these intimate things was a big taboo & the country took a long time to move ahead from the flowers clashing scene as portrayal, this movie made a way. Today’s supposed sex symbols should take lessons from the voluptuous Zeenat Aman in the art of scorching the screen. It wasn’t just the way she dressed but also her attitude that gave her an edge over many a simpering soul. The image of the Zeenat  in that blouse-less quarter sari & bent over a Shiva-lingam caressing it was a clever concurrence of some erotic elements. There was no dearth of erotica in the film with the prominent ones being a waterfall scene and lovemaking scenes with Shashi Kapoor.
    4. Mulholland Drive: Elena Harring & Naomi Watts in this David Lynch’s story on love, betrayal & death is noir masterpiece. Something starting with Watts wide-eyed saying “Have you ever done this before?” “I don’t know,” replies Harring, “have you?” & then it begins…Harring sliping off her  blonde wig, then her robe, and tease of her twin peaks feels. Half under the sheets there’s a hot  love scene between those two.

    5. Mera Naam Joker & Malena: Raj Kapoor brought the fantasy of a teenage boy on a celluloid with Mera Naam Joker. The teenage boy story reminds me of the Malena where the hot Monica Bellucci arouses every men in the town (and the one who is watching) and becoming a sexual fantasy for the young


    6. Secretary: Self-mutilating wallflower Lee Holloway (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and her controlling boss E. Edward Grey (James Spader) spend their office hours bonding, so to speak, in a sadomasochistic relationship that’s as twisted as it is thrilling. Gyllenhaal’s performance in particular, deserves to be acknowledged for its relatively complicated and at times realistic portrayal of a sexual relationship based on consensual power exchange. In a scene when  Edward finally admits his love for Lee, bathing her in tub and making love to her on a grass-covered bed, one can see that their connection transcends spankings and dog collars. Watch the video here
    7. Unfaithful: Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez steam up the flicks with their chemistry. Making your friends waiting in the cafe while going at each other  in the bathroom stall is just too hot for words….Aaaah…yes they both did that & a lot more steamier stuff. With notoriously erotic director Adrian Lyne behind the film, it continuously raises the stakes between Diane Lane’s philandering character and her devil-may-care foreign paramour; the sex gets hotter as it gets.

    8. Original Sin: When you name two hotties like Antonio Banderas & Angelina Jolie, then what can you expect. Some fireworks…right…The idea of doing something risky is always intresting and noth of them do the same. Both engaged at various places makes everything looks so steamier that even a bath in a metal bathtub is hot.

    9. Body Heat: Their flirtations are witty and charged & so is the movie. This 1981 classic has been consider as an erotic film noir. This one  has one of the steamiest scenes where William Hurt breaks down in the house and & makes out with a seductively red-skirted Kathleen Turner. Watch the trailer here
    10.Last Tango in Paris : This movie was most reviewed due to its controversial sex scenes. While young, engaged Jeanne (Schneider) is looking for an apartment in Paris, she has a chance meeting with Paul (Brando) who is mourning his wife’s recent suicide. This movie is more remembered for the buttery  sex scenes before talking of Bertolucci’s direction or Brando’s performance.


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