SIN CITY- A Savage, Sexy & Ferocious Graphic Movie


I have been waiting to see this movie since a long time. Had heard a lot about the movie so my curiosity to see this movie was very big. Finally last night I saw Frank Miller’s “Sin City”. A movie which is crude, sexist and power-packed. The Sin_City-thumbfirst thing that impressed me was the Star Cast which boosts of the likes of Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis, Del Toro, Mickey Rourke & Clive Owen. Whoa…In addition reading Frank Miller, Robert Rodrigues & Quentin Tarantino as directors & Guest Director, my expectations reached sky high. And I believe that the movie too didn’t disappoint me. Whatever said and done, the film is done in a completely different style of the way dark movies are shot. So if one understands and knows what film noir is, it’s easier and more enjoyable to sit down and watch this.

This film turns comic book cinema into high art. The movie brings three different storylines to life in a visually stylistic manner.The voice-over narratives makes you feel as if you are inside Frank Miller’s graphic novel.Filmed mostly in black-and-white with specific objects shown in color the film creates a distinctively memorable look. The movie moves with a  good pace & weaves  humour with violence. The portrayal of women is  intentionally exaggerated so all my feminists friend’s…this is not for you.

The three intertwining story talks about  a dying cop (Willis) tries to protect a young girl from a sadistic madman (Nick Stahl) who’s also the son of a senator. A disfigured brute (Mickey Rourke) seeks to avenge the murder of a prostitute he loved. And a murderer (Clive Owen) on the lam supports a well-armed hooker mafia in a street war against corrupt cops, vicious pimps, and Irish mercenaries.The novel shows the protagonists fighting against all odds against endemic corruption, murder and injustice and even within themselves. The film is about the love a man has for a woman & how that love can make a man do anything….literally anything.

Quentin Tarantino “guest directed” one scene, in which Clive Owen and Benecio Del Toro have a macabre conversation in a car (Del Toro’s character is dead, so the conversation must be taking place only in the other character’s mind). Tarantino’s directing fee was $1, his way of paying Rodriquez back for scoring Tarantino’s KILL BILL VOL 2 for only $1.

The movie takes cinema into a moving graphic novel. It’s bold in it’s own way & different from something which has been tried in cinema.True to the graphic novel form, with bandages that glow through the darkness and green eyes and red dresses that leap from the colorless backgrounds.Ties and coats flaps in the breeze, with the latter billowing behind running men like bat wings. And  every cool character in the film drives a convertible.

This movie is not for a regular movie-goer and strictly NO for feminists. With lots of nudity, violence this movie brings comic book into a reality.


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