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District 9- Thinking Person’s Alien Movie


Variety magazine termed this movies as “thinking person’s alien movie”. I don’t know that I think a lot or not. But Yes… this movie is one of the best alien based movies I have seen. I have not been a fan of alien-related movies, but this one is different. I am talking about Neill Blomkamp’s  District 9. district9

District 9 is a  movie that will keep you completely engrossed with events on the screen for the entire running time. District 9 is an expansion of the six-minute short Alive in Joburg  made by Neill Blomkamp in 2005. The movie looks like a documentary shot with  hand-held cameras but the director is able to capture the horrors in this very nicely. The movie is set in Johannesburg where a large group of aliens living in a slum for two decades after their spaceship develops some problem over the city.

Shunted by the government – the District 9 slum, the aliens, referred to  as prawns by humans  multiply over time to 1.8 million setting the stage for the inevitable conflict with their human neighbors. Trouble erupts when the government hires MNU to relocate the aliens to a new location, 200 km away from their current place. Heading the effort to serve the eviction notices is Wikus van de Merwe, played by Sharlto Copley. As events unfold and the battle between the MNU mercenaries and the aliens quickly intensifies, different shades of Wikus’ personality appears to us & Copley wows’ us with his fine acting.

The soul of the movie resides in Wikus’  acting & his relationship with two alien characters, Christopher Johnson (the superb Jason Cope) and his son. There are times where this movie made me compare it with Cloverfield but still District 9 is a step ahead of it.I consider Wikus as the unlikeliest of sci-fi heroes.  The documentary  technique adds to the style of the movie.

District 9 breaks the rules most effectively in its style of shooting, which, by the end of the film, will keep the audiences wondering what’s real and what’s entirely imagined.The film is an impressive mix of CGI and VFX— especially during the film’s climax, a fantastic battle sequence. Blomkamp brings his own vision of extraterrestrial life to the screen. I can call it the most original alien / sci-fi movie you’ll see.  Go WATCH. Don’t Miss.


2 thoughts on “District 9- Thinking Person’s Alien Movie

  1. I’m not that into space movies either, but I really loved District 9. I think in part because it could not be a space movie and still be a great film.

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