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Kaminey- A Hollywoodish Movie in Indian Flavour


Talk about Tarantino..Talk about Guy Ritchie….but now you have to sit up and talk about Vishal Bharadwaj in the same breath. He has created a film that’s so different from the Indian movies we’ve witnessed so far. And what also in Hollywood style.Year after year movies come & go  which bring with it a lot of expectations & hype but not all keep up  to their expectations.

kaminey16After Swine Flu scare, my plan getting cancelled thrice, getting ditched by friend twice..I finally saw the movie last night. A movie which in a survey done by Amir himself pimped 3 Idiots in the most awaited film of the year, never disappointed  me. Name Shahid, Priyanka, Amol Gupte, Chandan Roy Sanyal ( who plays Mikhail) all the Kaminey’s have performed their role at their best. Vishal Bharadwaj builds up a whole host of characters which gives you an impression that there are parallel tracks running along in the film. Kaminey is bold, stark, funny and unpredictable and that’s what works in its favour alongwith the great backgorund music which keeps the pace with you.

Kaminey goes by a strange turn of circumstances all the parallel tracks converge slowly to become one cohesive track. Brothers who’ve not met for years are forced to meet again; love for the beloved gets tested, cops turn as dangerous as criminals themselves and there is blood everywhere. All this happens and what keeps the strings tied to a common knot is not a person, but an object- a guitar. The movie takes some time to hook you, but be rest assured that once you are hooked, you are hooked till the end.

Let’s talk about Shahid now. We’ve seen Shahid pitching in a sincere act in his earlier films, but Kaminey is his best performance till date. His double role in KAMINEY is just exemplary. Whether it be the “F ko F” bolne wala Charlie or the “HHH” stammering Guddu, Shahid performs both exceptionally well. For me Charlie steals the show there. Priyanka performs her role of Sweety very well.  For me the actors who steal the show are Amol Gupte & Chandan Roy Sanyal. Amol Gupte performs the role of Bhope Bhau is a fantastic fashion. He should now think of returning back to mainstream Cinema.  And the new Kamina Chandan Roy Sanyal playing Mikhail leaves you coing back for more. For me this newcomer is something to watch in future. This guy can act. His death after halftime literally disappoints me as I wanted to see more of Mikhail. Tenzing Nima leaves a solid impression. In short, the cast is perfect name anybody.

Vishal Bharadwaj …I have been a big time fan of Vishal. He scored brilliantly with Omkara He scores brilliantly here too in terms of managing the delicate balance of using so many characters and still ensuring cohesiveness. He made Saif act and immortalized Landga Tyagi. This time he makes Shahid act two roles and that also fantastically.  Another reason  where Vishal scores is the music, which is vibrant, pulsating and in sync with the movie. It keeps you at the edge of your seat. There’s another star in Kaminey and that’s ‘Dhan Te Nan’. Your heart starts beating faster every time you hear this in the background. Every song in the movie is well woven and fantastic.  The cinematography and dialogues also involve you more with the movie. The Scene when Chandan Roy & Amol Gupte talks before Mikhail is killed is simply superb.

To cut it short, KAMINEY is a film with an attitude. Like it or leave it, but you’d never be able to ignore it. You can’t  afford to take your eyes out even to reply to that SMS. Because if you do that you will miss something and trust me you don’t want to do that.So Dhan Tan nan tana nann…


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