Eminem Is Back

I just recently got a CD from My friend of the latest album of Eminem
It’s been four years since Eminem’s last record, Encore, and his fans have felt somewhat empty without him on the bloc. After the death of his brother and mentor Proof, pill addiction, rehab, this hip-hop icon returns with Relapse, an undiluted world-hate, comeback record. In fact, there are at least a half-dozen references through which the singer acknowledges its own frustrating tendency to retread familiar ground – from a handful of Christopher Reeve references (“Medicine Ball”), to songs about Eminem’s mother (“My Mom”), to tracks about murder and mayhem (“Same Song and Dance”).
Relapse has Eminem’s hate and honesty. This is a standout album, that is pushing rhyming and music to it’s limit. Eminem’s rhyming, flow and delivery fits every beat perfectly. Relapse is a great concept album and displays Eminem’s versatility, craziness and storytelling. There is no other album with the versatility or concepts, stories, rhymes, flows, beats, sounds than an Eminem album. Eminem can go from deep personal songs like De Ja Vu, to crazy childhood songs like Insane, to wilding out club song like Must be the Ganja to a detailed story of a psycho killer in Same Song and Dance. Every song sounds completely different from each other which just magnifies Eminem’s talent and creativity.
Eminem is at his most brilliant when he’s addressing true anger and his personal demons. The menacing piano on “3am” is the perfect reintro.duction to Slim Shady’s twisted world. Through his trademark dark humor, Eminem’s “Insane” depicts stories of a child being sexually abused.
The album is a truly enjoyable listen from beginning to end. With Relapse, Eminem has reminded listeners what enthralled them about him years ago. The album fits somewhere between Slim Shady and Marshall Mathers .The vibe is fresh yet nostalgic—the ideal arrangement for a successful comeback.

Slim Shady is back

Slim Shady is back


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